I was lost for a very long time and was sure I was unforgivable and unloved by God. There was no way that the Lord could ever want me. I was nothing. This is how I lived my life for many years. My life in chaos and a downward spiral from the age of 14. I ran away from home and further and further from God. The enemy had me convinced that I could not be saved. I was taught that I could only confess my sins to a “special” kind of person and that without that I was lost. I was not good enough to ask Jesus to forgive me, only “special people” could do that for me. Yet I believed that my sins were too great and I was no longer accepted to the only place where the “special people” go, the church.

One day I made a new friend online. I wanted to know more about God but I had never been back to church for more than 30 yrs. My friend, Jamie Marks, a student at CLI, explained the gospel to me in great detail. He told me how much God loves me and wants me back. I could be saved, and I was saved and I am saved! I am a child of God! I was overcome with tears of joy and sorrow over the years I had missed while I was lost.

Before the age of 14 I was on a path to becoming a nun and devoting my life to the Lord. I was twisted into thinking that the evil that had been done to me was my sin and my fault. I know now that was a lie. Over the past year, I have studied more in the Bible than I have my entire life and I love it! I do not see myself becoming a minister but I know I have a purpose now. I do not yet know what the Lord has for me in my future but I know that He is with me always.

Christian Leaders Institute is what lead my friend, Jamie Marks to start a Bible study group that I have been in since almost the start. We pray for each other and encourage each other and we even get to hear how Jamie is doing with his studies. CLI is a great opportunity for me to learn even more as I grow as a Christian so that I may help plant seeds with others that are lost like I was. What a great jumping off point. I have already been able to help some with their own studies.

I was been baptized earlier this year and my life is no longer my own, but my Lord’s. Thank you for the blessing that is my friend and for this opportunity or I would not be able to afford this on my own. The Lord is working through you and I pray that He will work through me as well.

Pray with me that the Lord uses me for His will and that I may reach others. Lord, lead my by the hand for your glory.

Bless Christian Leaders Institute to spread the word throughout this fallen world. All power and all glory are Yours Holy Father. In Jesus Holy name Amen.

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