Spirit-Filled Ministry Training

Spirit-Filled Ministry Training

My name is James Chukwunwwolum Emeuwa, and I am receiving Spirit-filled ministry training at CLI. I am from Oduma Aninri LGA Enugu State in Nigeria. Currently, I study in Poltava Technical University in Ukraine. I was born on the 23rd of September 1989. My birth order is the second child of my parents, although, I am the first son. Even though I was not from a Christian home, I acknowledged there is God.

In June 2012, during the National Youth Day of AGC Agbanoke Oduma, I was called to cover the program photographically. Then, I discovered the difference between Orthodox churches, some other Pentecostal churches I attended, and the mother of Pentecostalism. I experienced the movement of the Holy Spirit and thorough teaching of the word of God in the Sunday School. However, what attracted me the most was the church’s youth president. Teenagers and youths had the opportunity to perform group and personal spiritual and inspirational activities. Then, I got inspired asked myself; these are youth like you. Why are you waiting to grab this opportunity? So, I decided to join the movement.

My Spiritual Journey

As I continued to hear and see the power of the Holy Spirit, I sat in my room one afternoon and questioned God: “How do you show the people prophecy? And or a vision? What kind of ears and eyes do you give them? If it is the same with mine, then would you tell or show me something so that I can be a part of it?” After these questions, I said to God, “I heard you speak to some people while they sleep. Now, I am going to sleep. Please, come and show me who I am, what my life is for, and what my purpose here on earth is.”

As I was still meditating on this, I went into a trance where someone in a white garment came to me with a covered plate. I could not see what was inside it. Then the man told me that I have to stay out of formication and uncleanness before he can come close and hand the plate to me. I prayed and asked God to help me as I struggled to control my flesh in that sense. I went into covenant with Him that day. After that, I began to hear from God clearly, and He continues to disconnect me from ungodly life.

God’s Leading

Five months later, He told me that I have a big assignment in the church. He told me five times; not because I was doubting, but because I wanted to be very sure. The exciting aspect of my relationship with Jesus is that He hears and answers me when I call. Despite my unfaithfulness and wavering heart, He still counts me as His and wants me to do His work.

I have served as a Sunday school teacher in the Assemblies of God. I received the privilege of serving as one of the youth leaders under some pastors who saw the gift of God in me. Theses pastors are Rev. Dickson Akachukwu (JP), my pastor, Rev. Prince Okorie, then the district youth coordinator, and Rev. Emeka Iwegbulam, present youth coordinator. My home pastor, whose teaching drew me to the faith despite my short stay of six months, opened me up to God.

Spirit-Filled Ministry Training at CLI

Here in Ukraine, I worship with the Calvary Chapel Poltava under Pastor and Mrs. Eric from the USA. They gave me the link to the Christian Leaders Institute. I read through CLI’s statement of faith and feel blessed that CLI will train me for the ministry. Now, I am grateful not only that it’s free, but for the foundation of the Institution (John 3:16). The wise Holy Spirit-filled ministry training and the lecturing professors, such as Prof Elzinga, are an added benefit.

I am happy to be admitted into CLI, not as though I have attained or were already perfect. I launch myself into this institution to see if I could by any means through the teachings “APPREHEND THAT WHICH I WAS APPREHENDED OF CHRIST.”

Learn about ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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