God's Amazing Plan

God’s Amazing Plan

My name is Maribel Pale, and I am grateful to be a part of God’s amazing plan. I’m currently residing in New Jersey in the USA with my wonderful husband, Alvin. We are happily married for 25 years, and we are blessed with two amazing sons. I was born in the Philippines, and I am the eldest of five children.

Early Life and Coming to the Lord

I was raised with a Catholic background as my parents received the same upbringing. But when I was 17 years old, my mother told me she surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus after missionaries from America and England came to our place and shared the Gospel. My sincere gratitude goes to my mother, and her endless invitation to Christ as my siblings, and I finally came to know the Lord. My father, who was hesitant to embrace the new faith, also came to know the Lord.

After that, the Lord started to use me on numerous occasions as a youth speaker for Bible studies and Sunday school. But like other new Christians, I also experienced my Christian walk to be dormant. Not realizing my need for a healthy prayer life and consistent devotion to His Word, I experienced trials that pushed me to the end of the road. I questioned my faith and blamed myself for destroying my relationship with God. The enemy was there to accuse me, but still, the Holy Spirit was there to help me accomplish my ordained destiny.

So, I gave full surrender to the One that gave His life for me. I began to seek God with a new hunger of knowing who He is in my life. He began to speak to me in a more personal way as He molded my heart through His Word. Indeed, I re-dedicated my life to the Lordship of our Lord Jesus, my Savior.

Opportunity in America as Part of God’s Amazing Plan

In 1990, I began work as a Registered Nurse at one of the top hospitals in the Philippines. God placed the passion in my heart to win the lost by sharing God’s love to my patients. I saw the rich and the famous on their death beds and in their most dependent state. Therefore, at the age of 20, I came to realize that we are all the same in God’s eyes and that none of our status or accomplishments in life earn us eternal life. Without Jesus, our life is meaningless, and we are nothing apart from Him.

In 2006, God allowed me to work in America. More than ever, that passion for praying for the sick and the dying grew. In fact, given the opportunity, it has become my lifestyle. My husband also joins me in prayer for people even when we are in public places. What a privilege it is to witness for Christ and feed the poor with other believers.

My Spiritual Dream and Ministry Training at CLI

My biggest spiritual dream is to be able to reach out to the lost souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to be a vessel for God’s amazing plan on earth for the manifestation of God’s healing and deliverance. I also long to witness supernatural miracles through the power of the Holy Spirit. Secondly, as part of God’s amazing plan, I want to encourage and empower new and old believers to continue through discipleship. Thirdly, I hope to plant churches and advance the Kingdom for God’s glory.

I am so thankful to God to receive the free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. I firmly believe that being properly equipped, God can use me in His excellent plan for the End Time Harvest. What a fantastic opportunity and a great honor to serve the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

Learn about ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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