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Christian Faith Leader Journey

My name is Adelle. Clearwater, Florida, where I reside as a Christian faith leader, has been a learning experience. My childhood was happy, and I remember graduating from High School. As I became older, I thought that it would be more appropriate to understand my spiritual journey. I attended church with my grandparents every Sunday. Then, I came to know the Lord in 2010; I had to find somewhere to feel safe and spiritually connected and needed. To be able to pray for my family, my mom, my sister, and my kids are what I want.

My spiritual dream is to share my testimony and pray for others. Also, I want to understand and know my Lord and Savior more fully. My church home is at Countryside Christian Church. Growing up is difficult in a minority setting. I love my kids, and someone has to be there for them. I want to show the love of Christ to them.

Struggles and Growth as a Christian Faith Leader

The events that humbled me, and I knew I needed Christ in my life is when I gained a Certification in Microsoft in 2007. I graduated in 2011 after ten months of schooling. However, no one believed in me. But, I went to church every Sunday and never looked back. In 2017, some people I knew stood up for me as I was trying to get a job with my new computer support in information systems certificate. That is how God showed up for me.

I desire to receive more knowledge of God and confidence through my ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. That the training is free is vital for me. These classes at Christian Leaders Institute will help me to grow as a Christian faith leader and to understand my relationship with the God of the Bible more fully.

To learn more about ordination opportunities go to Christian Leaders Alliance.

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