Single Mom Ministry

Read how Jacqueline feels called to lead and work with other single mothers in her single mom ministry call despite her disability.

Single Mom Ministry

Hi, my name is Jacqueline Williams and I have a single mom ministry call. I live in South Carolina in the United States of America, and I truly enjoy helping others. I volunteer at my church for the community weekly food distribution for the needy. I always stop to hold a door or offer a hand where I see the need. I feel led to work with single, young, female parents in my single mom ministry call. I was a teen single mom, and I remember how challenging that was.

As a child, I was not raised in going to a church. Instead, we studied at home when my grandmother had time. I came to Christ after becoming a single parent, and I quickly learned there is a higher power. This was made evident in the many blessings I received from the Lord. The Lord our Savior Jesus Christ has used me to teach and tell the good news about His unconditional love. I was, for a time, spiritually in a very lowly place, but my life changed drastically as God used my situation to His glory. It was made plain in my life for others to see that His mercy and grace endures forever.

I am unemployed at this time. I have a spinal injury that has made me unable to work. I know things will get better for me, I am praying to receive disability income. I will continue to spread the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. I will also share the blessing of Christian Leaders Institute, which is helping to build a kingdom of leaders through education and encouragement.

Thank you, CLI, for the blessing of free higher education online.

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