Kingdom vision

Read Andrew Elliot’s testimony of how studying at Christian Leaders Institute is helping him achieve his spiritual dream of spreading the gospel through teaching and counseling with God’s Kingdom Vision guiding him:

Kingdom Vision

My name is Andrew Elliott and I have God’s Kingdom vision guiding my life. I currently live in Canada and am serving God’s Kingdom in whatever way He leads me to. I am studying at Christian Leaders Institute to gain a greater knowledge of the Bible and receive free ministry training online. I am doing this with the hope and plan to spread the gospel through teaching, proclaiming, and counseling.

My coming across Christian Leaders Institute has been a blessing for me in many ways. First, I am thankful for the pioneering work of Henry Reyenga in founding this free ministry training Bible school. It is very inspiring for me and it is the kind of work that I wish to do for the glory of God’s Kingdom. I can see God’s Kingdom vision in everything that Christian Leaders Institute does.

Second, the Christian Leaders Institute allows me the opportunity to study the Bible at a very high level and at my own pace. I also can study any time and anywhere at an extremely affordable price (free).

Thank you, Christian Leaders Institute, for this very wonderful opportunity to receive a college education and ministry training for free.

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