I am a 50-year old man seeking Christian training. I am looking for a way to help people find Jesus and the Love of God. I have two children one boy 24 and one girl 17. I am very proud of them both. My Son will be a first-time father in July 2015 and works in Security. My Daughter is graduating from High School in May. She will also receive her Associate degree in May 2015. I have worked in production/manufacturing most of my life. My most recent job was as a caregiver for a battens child and I believe I have a passion for this type of work. I enjoy helping people and seeing them happy. I love to make people laugh and smile.

I would like to get involved in Counseling of some sort. I believe God will lead my steps and put me where He wants me. I have a heart to see the lost come to Christ, so when they pass through this life they will not go to Hell. I have a desire to show people the love of God. I want to learn more and get closer to God. So I can minister to the people around me.

I believe CLI can help me with my goals. Money is tight right now and I know I need the knowledge right now. I have wanted an education for many years, but never had the support to get it done. I have been looking at online schools for the last couple of months. Last night I remembered how God layed it on my heart to become a Christian Counselor. I started looking around and that is when I found CLI. The scholarship CLI offers will help me to get started learning what I need to help accomplish my goals. I believe God has great things and great blessings coming in my life. I want to be ready for them.

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