I was called into ministry at the young age of 17. A few years later I became a youth pastor and was leader for a youth drama. I was so sure that I was unworthy of the calling God had placed on my life.

At 27 years of age I turned my back on God. I felt as if the situation I was in, made me unworthy to be a child of God. I was facing a situation of abuse and I could not find answers because I was fishing in the wrong pond.

Five years ago I came back to God. I told God I was ready 100% . I didn’t know at that time that God was opening me up for the Calling once again. I began to crucify flesh and cry out for more of God in me. As I began to dig in His Word it was confirmed. It was time to walk in the calling God had placed on my life. Speaking at ladies ministries starts my calling. I give my testimony of where God brought me from with other women.

As time went on God placed me in under a mentor. I now attend a Pentecostal church at Westminster, SC. I have three mentors in the church. At least once a month I am blessed with the privilege to bring the Word to our church.

My prayer is for more of God and less of me. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband who stands behind my calling one hundred percent. I have 3 children ages 3-15. They are workers in our church. My daughter ,who is 12, helps me with drama and interpretive dance. Gods word says to raise your children in the way they should go. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to get more into Gods word.

CLI Student, Anita

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