My name is Henry William Conoly II, I live in the United States and am blessed that the country I live in does not persecute those who practice our faith. Sadly though with that has come much doubt in the power of Christ and the temptation to follow other “gods”. Further separating people from the one true God and the only path to salvation, Christ. Many like me want to work to change this sad situation in America and bring people to their one true home in God.
I came to know the Lord through the death of my Grandmother Sharon Conoly in the early 2000’s. That moment in time made me realize that I cannot live in this world alone and need something that can guide me. It is when I first read the Bible and started to learn the power of God Almighty and Christ the Redeemer. I realized that by putting my trust in the Trinity and living a life that is pleasing to God all my fears and pain disappear. I learned that Christ alone can bring me hope and eternal happiness. Since then I have looked to live a life serving Him.

My dream is to serve as a leader in the Church I recently became a part of and hopefully as they expand start leading worship at one of their new churches. We take an up-beat approach to ministry and I believe that with this style of church we have we can bring more people into Christ’s family. Our non-judgmental approach to faith welcomes all who seek to experience Christ to join us and worship in the hopes that they will be touched by God and continue to grow in faith.

I would find myself to be both a Pastor and a Youth Leader. The reason lies in that every leader who has made an impact on my life religiously was a Pastor. I am non-denominational and find that the word Pastor is representative of that. I also want to be called a Youth Leader because working with the minds of the young seems to be easy for me. I can share their pains, and have fought through them and feel that that connection will help them see the light of God. I want to help shape young minds and help them see the Glory of God and the power of Christ.

I was prompted to pursue ministry after I felt the overwhelming peace and joy in Christ. I was in church and had questions, but I opened my heart to Jesus and asked Him to come to me and I felt Him. I felt calm I felt peace I felt hope and knew right then and there that this is what I must do. I must help others find Christ and his salvation and that I must help others to the Kingdom of God. I was told to find this and CLI was the first stop. It was like God was pointing my way to this school and program.

One of the most unique challenges in my area is how many different religions exist in my area, it confuses the young minds and makes it easier for them to be tempted by the devil to worship false gods. They need people who will connect with them in order to find the path to salvation and in the end the Lord and God. I hope that with this training and education I can help to connect to them to help them find salvation.

I haven’t spoke with my church about this yet, but I know when I do they will be behind me with all their love, support and prayers to help me through this. They want more young leaders and I know that they will see the future of me being a Pastor. I dream and pray for the day I can lead in one of their churches and help others. Their church reignited the flame in my heart for God.

The scholarship would assist in so many ways. I work full time and use allot of what I make to support myself and the many bills I have. It’s hard, but Christ gives me hope for a brighter future and as a part of that I believe He has set me on the path through this school. I know the scholarship will allow me to achieve my dreams and pay it forward to others in need.

The prayer that I need is that my mind can stay focused on the task at hand. That I do not stray away from this education and that I may continue to grow as a Christian and a future Pastor. I dream of being ordained and cannot wait until that days comes. Prayer is the best way to achieve my dreams and I will be praying to God for strength, knowledge and determination to do this.

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