Pastor Training Degree

Pastor Training Degree

My name is George Thomas and I am getting my pastor training degree from Christian Leaders Institute. I reside in San Jose, California. San Jose is the northern California Bay Area. We are about 40 miles south of San Francisco, California. San Jose is also known as Silicon Valley because it is the heart of the computer industry. Living in the bay area everyone is very busy. Due to the cost of living, many families require husband and wife to work and some are working two jobs. The biggest challenge here is that most people do not have time to reflect and understand their need for God.

I came to God at the age of 17 years old. Basically, my life was torn to pieces by sin and the ways of this world. God had mercy and allowed me to come out of the darkness and step into his marvelous light. My call is to pastor a church that reaches out to those that are lost to bring them to God.

This first class at Christian Leaders Institute has helped me in focusing and receiving a formal education to receive a pastor training degree. The area I am living in has a high standard on education, so this will help me in reaching people in all levels of society. I do believe my calling is to pastor and I have the burden to do so.

The key experience that prompted me into pursuing the ministry was the calling of God. He dealt with my heart and I experienced a desire to share His gospel and reach as many lost souls as I can. This year will be 18 years that we have pastored here in San Jose. As with most works, there are times of rejoicing and there are times of sorrow and broken hearts. However, God gives us the victory. There is a peace in knowing that you are in the will of God despite the trials you face.

As mentioned earlier, here in Silicon Valley people are very busy because the cost of living is extremely high. We face challenges in trying to reach people that frankly feel like they do not need God. There is a commercialization of almost everything in this area.

The church that I pastor has been very supportive of the work here in San Jose. We have reached and continue to reach people that are tired of the system that drains them of true joy. We look forward to the challenge of reaching more people before the coming of the Lord.

I feel the pastor training degree from Christian Leaders Institute will help me in achieving my goal of learning more and being credentialed. I feel it will validate me to some who may have questions in the study and sacrifice it takes in being in the ministry.

Learn about local ecuministry ordinations at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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