Jail Ministry Call

Jail Ministry Call

I have a jail ministry call on my life. I was born and raised in Michigan in a family that attended church regularly. Growing up, we were constantly involved in studies. I remember my dad being involved in jail ministry off and on throughout my childhood. I attended summer camp and made great friends within the church who served as great supports throughout my childhood.

I graduated from a Christian college with a degree in psychology. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia where I currently reside. I spent 7 years working in community outreach in the mental health arena. I now teach middle school where I interact with hundreds of students daily.

Participating in the Christian Leaders Institute program has been incredibly beneficial for me. As a teacher, I enjoy summers off which provides me with time to devote to these studies. The flexibility of the self-paced courses makes it possible for me to spend my days off studying the materials and preparing me to be effective in my outreach.

While God has always been a part of my life, I really came to know God and grow in my relationship with him throughout my time in Atlanta. Without family nearby, I experienced many emotional and financial struggles here. During my worst times, I focused my attention on my relationship with God and trusted in His plans for me. During these struggles, my relationship with God grew significantly and I know all things are possible.

I plan to utilize this study program at CLI to grow personally and spiritually while becoming more actively involved in my jail ministry call. I have volunteered for a prison correspondence program for about a year and look forward to diving into that on a deeper level. The materials presented in the CLI program equip me with the skills and knowledge needed to be most successful in this journey.

Learn about local ecuministry ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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