Pastor Dream

Pastor Dream

My name is Janet Turner and I have a pastor dream from God. I was born in the USA in the 70’s. There was a church on every corner and Christianity was very accessible. However, I never went to church as a young child. My mother worked three jobs to raise the five children she had. I came to be introduced to Christ when I was 11 years old and visiting my aunt’s house as I did every summer. My cousin had become a church bus kid. So while I was there I started attending as well. I was saved and baptized that summer and I felt the Holy Spirit very present in my life. I remember saying to myself that I have got to share this news with my friends back home and my siblings. When I went home, no one wanted to hear me, and in fact, they made fun of me. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned to months and the bad influence of my brothers and my friends made a distant light to my new found religion.

In my late teens, I was invited to church by a friend and the Holy Spirit was prompting me that service. He placed in my heart that I needed to turn back to God and He was going to use me as a spiritual leader. Well, my friend became my husband and we had three girls. We became very involved in the church for several years. We filled positions in the church such as Sunday school teacher, youth leaders, choir, etc. Then my husband had an affair and the devil destroyed our family. I never gave up my faith and continued my walk and raising the girls in a biblical way.

For many years now, I have been a director of a Christian school and have felt a calling to do more. My dream is to be a Pastor! I want to preach God’s Word to the world as I fulfill this pastor dream and call. When I’ve had to fill in for the chapel, the teachers get excited and tell me how much God speaks to them. I feel alive when I stand in front of people and speak about God. It’s one of the times where I’ve ever felt passion. I want to preach to thousands and for God to have all the glory.

This Getting Started class has already made me gain confidence and see that I am in fact being called. I couldn’t get the proper training without Christian Leaders Institute. I have had so many challenges in my life. I’ve been abused, had no parental role models, struggled academically, and was brought up around a lot of gangs. I have been cheated on and left for the devil to try and nail the door shut on me. But, I’m not allowing that to be the end or to be my truth. I’m strong in Christ and God has made me whole again and blessed me with an amazing new husband. I want to share my story and how others can overcome their obstacles too. There are many lost teenagers and young adults where I live. I want to reach them as well as all who are hurting.

I know I need this formal training in order to be taken seriously by churches so I may preach. I know that God will open the doors for me as He leads me. Please pray that I manage the time it will take for me to do these courses because I know 100% that God wants me to preach and give help for the hurting.

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