Orphan Ministry Call

Orphan Ministry Call

My name is Emma Pregnon, and I have an orphan ministry call on my life. Currently, I live in the USA. I was born in the Republic of Cote D’Ivoire in West Africa in 1960. My parents were Catholics, so I was baptized at ten days old. My childhood was filled with religious activities. I went to Catholic school for my primary schooling. There, I learned about God and the baby Jesus.

In my high school years, however, I left the faith but kept the feeling I wanted to be close to God. The story of mother Theresa was so amazing to me that I wanted to be just like her and help the needy. I thought it was a childhood feeling, but this feeling kept growing in me and became a dream.

Move to the USA

I migrated to the United States of America in 1992 to join my elder sister in California. I later moved to Atlanta in 1994. There, I met Jesus in 1998 in the Pentecostal Church and again received the baptism in Jesus’ name. The Holy Spirit filled me on August 31, 1998. I served for many years as a church secretary in our local church.

Over the years, my thirst for Jesus grew. So, I took a course at Liberty University to earn a diploma as a Bible Study Teacher. The dream of helping others was alive and growing in me, but I did not know how to start.

My Orphan Ministry Call 

One day this year, after my quiet time, I felt the call to go back to my country, the Ivory Coast, to start an Orphanage. In 2010, after the war, many children lost their parents. By the grace of God, many Good Samaritans with little to no financial background stepped in to help. After learning about their stories, an idea came to me to set up an organization called “Orphans Connections International.”

The idea behind it is to give a helping hand to these Good Samaritans to serve the needy. Also, I want to spread the service to the neighboring countries. To respond to my call, I secured a half-acre of land where the orphanage will be. Its role will be to connect with other orphanages to serve them.

I also hope to reach these children with the gospel. By using the Word of Proverbs 22:6, the children will become good citizens and models for their generation. However, to reach that goal, I needed training myself.

Ministry Training at CLI for my Orphan Ministry Call

One day I was trying to delete an ad that appeared on my phone. After three tries, I gave up and read it. “Christians Leaders Institute,” it said. Curious, I read more. That’s how I found what I was looking for; God just dropped it in my hands. So, here I am, and from what I already learned, I know this was a divine choice for me. After taking the free ministry training at CLI, I will be equipped for my journey. Thank you, CLI.

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