Welcome to the Christian Leaders Institute Orientation Course

To the left you will see a sidebar. You can easily navigate through all the videos and reading material you need to complete this amazing orientation course. To the right you will be able to see all the content. If you are using a phone you will just need to scroll down for your content.

Click each section below and each video to go through the entire course.

Welcome to Christian Leaders Orientation

God has a plan for your life!

Take this short Scholar Orientation Class and you are enrolled at CLI. This completed class will give you access to over 200 credit hours of biblical studies and get immediate access to digital Mission Credentials for ministry. You will have one quiz to take at the end of the class. Along the way, each activity will need to be clicked and viewed. The activities are short but give you vital information that will launch you into your studies.

After this Scholar Orientation Class, you are allowed to enroll in any academic class we offer as part of our mission to make ministry training available worldwide. There are small administration fees for verified and certified credentials. These administration fees are not required for you to study, read materials, take quizzes and receive grades for digital Mission Credentials.  All students will set up a profile that keeps track of their grades and progress. Collegiate Credentials are also available. These credentials have more administrative requirements related to compliance with the 22 accreditation standards of the United States Department of Education. The Collegiate Credentials also have fees.

This Scholar Orientation Class focuses on these outcomes:

1.   Gives you a brief orientation to your study experience at Christian Leaders Institute.

2.   Enroll with English Literacy Classes if your English skills need improvement. You still can complete this class. You will pick the English Literacy Class that fits your situation.

3.   Helps you become successful at using the web technology at Christian Leaders Institute.

4.   Consider your course of study. Each track will be introduced to you.

5.   Learn about the Ordination program through the Christian Leaders Alliance ordination.

6.   Join the Christian Leaders Network.

7.  Complete required administration activities such as reading the terms and conditions and course failure policy.

8.  Learn about the difference between the Mission Credentials and the Collegiate credentials and what is free and what has a fee.