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Welcome to Christian Leaders Orientation

God has a plan for your life!

Learn more about our History at CLI, CLI and the CLA

Early History
Inspired in 1990
Mentored by Rich DeVos on how to reach those whose dreams were larger than their current situations
Partnered with Steve and Marie Elzinga
Worked with the Bible League 1997-2001

Attacks on September 11, 2001
Renewed the calling to raise up Christian leaders
Rich DeVos, Ron Parr and I founded Christian Leaders, NFP on September 20, 2001

The Early Years (2001-2005)
Bi-vocational ministry with Dr. David Feddes and his wife, Wendy

Planting of Family of Faith Church

Developing technology for reaching more people

Founding of CLI (2006-2009)

Started with six students in 2006 growing to around 1000 by 2009

Launched as a donation-driven model of education.

Dr. David Feddes’ Appointment (2008)

Dr. Feddes came on board as the provost in 2008

Dr. Feddes received his PhD from Trinity International Seminary

New Directory of Technology (2007)

Jerry Lorenz came to CLI from the University of Chicago. He was and is the technical architect for the tracking of student grades and transcripts.

Launching Worldwide as Mentor-Supported (2010-2012)

Shifted to a mentor-supported approach.

Grew to 10,000 new students taking ministry training.

All materials were to be included in the classes for an international impact.

Christian Leaders Alliance (2014)
Board President Brian DeCook headed up the ordination program in which graduates of Christian Leaders Institute are guided to a local ordination within their local communities. The Christian Leaders Alliance has an international directory that recognizes the ordained leaders.

Degree Program (2015)
CLI launched the Degree Program, in which students can earn their Associate of Divinity Degree and/or Bachelor of Divinity Degree.

Professor Bob Zomermaand headed this program

Brianna Prince took the position of Registrar.

French Program (2015)
Dr. Paul Mpindi developed the French program. He is the director of French African Mission. This was a partner translation.

New World Headquarters Building (2016)

Christian Leaders Institute has three office locations including Florida, Illinois, and Michigan. The new world headquarters was purchased in Spring Lake, Michigan.

Ann Merkle directed the renovation of the entire building.

Chinese Translation Launched (2016)

John and Debbie Chen head up this program.
Over one billion people speak Chinese.

The DeVos Enterprise Digital Building was Dedicated (2016)

With the Digital Campus launched in 2016, the Enterprise program was dedicated to Rich and Helen DeVos.

Spanish Program (2017)
CLI Graduate Wally De La Fuente launched the Spanish Program. He is also the Programs Director at CLI.

Over 20,000 new students enrolled in 2017.

Vision Partners Programs
Abigail Reyenga began Vision Partners News and the Vision Partners program.

This program has exceeded all expectations.

Graduate and student support exceeding $425,000 in 2017.

Kingdom Vision Partners Program (2017)

Rhonda Sullivan and Anna Kucharski give leadership to that program. That program continues to bring funding for the support of free ministry training.

Russian CLI

Dymetro was commissioned as the Russian Language Director on January 1, 2018.

Russian is a strategic language for the gospel.

Restorative Justice

CLI is working with the Michigan Department of Corrections to develop a curriculum for those on probation in the state of Michigan. This Program holds promise for more places in the world.

Philosophy Program (2018)

World-Renowned Christian Philosopher and Templeton award winner, Dr. Roy Clouser joined the CLI team.

Completed two Christian and Religion Philosophy classes in 2018.

Business Enterprise and Economics Program (2018)

Professor Michael Greene is the director of the Business Enterprise and Economics Program.

Awards up to a Bachelor degree are in the works for 2018.

Swahili CLI

Bonza and his team of African academic volunteers are developing a Swahili CLI.

This is part of the African continent’s ownership of developing free ministry training.

Board Meeting
 (February 2018)

CLI graduate and future professor Roy Lucas was appointed to the Board of Trustees.

This African American leader received the Lifetime Leadership Achievement Award from US President Obama in 2017.

CLI 2.0 – 2019

Launched the Mission Credential Status and the Collegiate Credential Status.

Launching Study Labs with our classes for those who Need that Service (June  2019)

Launching A Life Minister Ordination program (June 2019)

Will be moving the Collegiate Headquarters to Florida. Michigan remains the Mission Headquarters.