Ordained Pastor Call

Ordained Pastor Call

My name is Amy Allen and I have an ordained pastor call on my life. I am a child of God foremost and a mom to three beautiful kids, and a bonus mom to twelve others. YES! We have 15 kids! I was raised in a Christian home as a pastor’s kid, and I am the oldest girl of 7 with one older brother. My family has many pastors in its lineage and a great heritage. I have always known I had the calling of God on my life, but as a young adult I started having kids and being a wife and that took the majority of my time. I am at a place in my life where I am supported by my husband, a man of God that also feels the call of God on his life. So, together we are building a life that we truly believe is ordained and blessed by God.

I found the Christian Leaders Institute after my husband and I purchased an old church, that was not being used, where we live in Tecumseh, Oklahoma. Our big family has been ministering in music for churches and ministries all over Oklahoma. We began to seek God for a facility to work out of. I knew we needed more training and that God laid a desire for ordination and pastoring on my heart. One day via the internet, CLI came up on a search. After reviewing and praying about CLI, I started the first class. I truly believe this program is something God has laid across my path for more training and for a deeper understanding of the ordained pastor call on my life. It will also help me to learn more in His Word so I can be equipped to help the hurt and broken. CLI has already become an extra resource for me to draw from. I’m excited everyday to see what God is doing in my life!

Since the age of 3, I have been singing with my family as well as by myself in ministry. At 5, I knew I wanted to become just like Naomi Judd, the singing nurse. God fulfilled that desire, and as an adult, I did receive my nursing degree as a Registered Nurse and I have sung to my patients and helped the hurting. I have had many struggles in life from a broken home, broken marriage, betrayal, abuse and even a car accident that I could have died in and that left me with chronic pain. Through it all, God has kept me. I believe He will use every piece, every lost or broken thing, every hurt and every situation through this ordained pastor call He has on my life to reach those that are in need and broken. Since we purchased the church, we have begun remodeling it. We are hopeful to open the doors soon. We hope to not just grow a congregation “inside” the church but to get out into this community and show God’s love in whatever way God directs us.

I want to continue training at CLI to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry and continue to follow the call of God in my life.

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