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Answering The Call

My name is Mark Knaak and I live in San Carlos, Sonora. I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute to get my ordained minister credential.

My Journey

I grew up in Southern California. My parents, two sisters, and I attended church regularly. We also participated in church activities. However, when I was 13, my parents decided they were unhappy with our church. Therefore, they sought another. We bounced around from church to church but never found one they liked. So, we stopped going altogether.

After high school, I joined the military, did my four years, and entered the world. The world consumed me, and I was involved heavily in drugs and alcohol. I ended up divorced. In my second marriage, I felt that there was more to my life. I felt a call in my life. However, at that time, I didn’t know what it was. This went on for several years. I knew that there was more to life.

Salvation and Purpose

One day, I came home from a trip and found that my wife had died from a drug overdose. I cried out to the Lord to take my life, and He did. He gave me a new one! It was free of drug and alcohol addiction. It was a new life with purpose and direction filled with His presence.

Then God sent me out. He gave me a vision of needy children and a life of love and compassion. Within a year of being born again, I started a non-profit and worked with the children of Mexico. I became an Emergency Services Chaplain as God directed me. In this journey, God sent me a helper, my wife. Having a Christian relationship and marriage is the most beautiful thing.

I plan to open a full-time school in one of the farming communities. We presently work with a group of children in the area. We live at the school, so my wife and I can always be available. Further, soon, we hope to open another school. Recently, God showed me that many people work with younger kids but forget the teenagers. They are turned loose into the world to fend for themselves. Therefore, a youth program is crucial and heavy on my heart.

Ordained Minister Credentials with CLI

The free minister training at the Christian Leaders Institute is a blessing. After retiring, I could not afford training or even relocation to a new town to attend a school. Being able to do this in my free time, between ministry work and daily things to do, is just the thing I needed. This training to be an Ordained Minister and getting the required credentials will help significantly in starting and running the schools in the future. I also hope to take more courses as the Lord leads me. Many people asked if I had credentials in the past, but now I can say that I do. Thank you, CLI!

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