Gain Confidence From Free Biblical Education

Everything happens for a reason. You were saved or renewed! Now you are called!

You are called to ministry. You know it!

Equip yourself with free Biblical education to follow God’s calling to serve. Start your formal ministry training today. Experience this highly rated Biblical education. Study at your own pace and begin your classes now!

This training is freely given by generous vision partners including students and kingdom supporters!

Features of this Free Biblical Education:

  • Over 205,000 students have enrolled since 2006.
  • Over 16,000 graduates in our CLI Directory in 171 countries.
  • Graduates have completed 72,000 programs of study.
  • Earn official credentials such as Awards, Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees in ministry or enterprise.
  • 4.8 rating on Facebook.
  • Complete your classes on your smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world with Internet access.
  • Over 40 professors who hold accredited degrees. A large percentage of our professors hold doctorate degrees.
  • Take our free introductory course to earn your scholarship to gain access to the other courses.
  • 65 classes are available with a total of 189 credit hours.
  • Provided through a generosity-driven rather than tuition-based model of higher education.

Low Cost Offical Credentials are available including our Bachelor Degree Program

  • Highly recognized training. Official Bachelor Degree Graduates have options. Accredited schools Like Northern Seminary, Calvin Theological Seminary, and Western Seminary and more will accept our graduates.

*Optional fees or donations are not required for you to complete your classes!

Are you seeking ordination?

Optional Ordination Credentials are available through the Christian Leaders Alliance. Over 1300 Christian leaders have been ordained so far!