Global Impact

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Christian Leaders Connection Award28462319365230813182342194019441
Christian Basics Award28432320365228852945202263417301
Christian Ministry Award28452318365331483117219832017599
Deacon Ministry Award31642437318628802939199754317146
Apprentice Peace Ministry Award0000122279124525
Apprentice Prayer Ministry Award000113186328189816
Apprentice Church Ministry Award1221432554014084831821994
Apprentice Youth Ministry Award00000612384
Apprentice Worship Ministry Award00019383216105
Apprentice Women's Ministry Award0001136717959418
Spiritual Fitness Ministry Award0000003030
Leadership / Elder Ministry Award0000052530
People Ministry Award000005588143
Apprentice Evangelism Ministry Award0454145628538316
Apprentice House Church Ministry00008915061300
Apprentice Chaplaincy Ministry00009616748311
Apprentice Church Planting Ministry018010012215734494
Apprentice Preaching Ministry00000435396
Collegiate Preparation Award00000374077
Christian Leaders Bible Award254548119610269799092635175
Pastoral Care Ministry0392463143334391401511
Apprentice Bible Ministry821713444285066352392405
Apprentice Continuing Ministry Award2642493966206887661063089
Apprentice Marriage Ministry00006619448308
Teaching Ministry131541512222893161231268
Apprentice Bible Interpretation0010777212648333
Old Testament Bible Teaching00000161632
New Testament Bible Teaching0713111212560
Basic Worship Leader Award0000021012
Basic Marriage Award00005314038231
Basic Women's Ministry Award0000196522106
Bible Study Leader Award02763671542547952620
Basic Evangelist Award0000041014
Basic Continuing Ministry Award253391813833623722213656
Christian Leaders Award141268485504445431492323
Basic House Church Award0000031114
Basic Chaplaincy Award000021431074
Basic Church Planting Award0000031114
Intermediate Continuing Ministry Award143307611642440390542587
Intermediate Christian Leaders Award35225406379339296331713
Intermediate Chaplaincy Award00003911016165
Intermediate Commissioned Pastoral Award29152258264229219601211
Women's Ministry Award0001529317422441
Intermediate Ministry Award1010120718619519138928
Intermediate Bible Award00971589243273
Advanced Continuing Ministry Award000495931760485
Advanced Married Life Award0000062127
Advanced Ministry Award261571049918023571
Advanced Commissioned Pastoral Award00000221739
Advanced Divinity Award0185566311214331
Minister of the Word Award00000121527
Advanced Chaplaincy Award00000000
Enterprise Connection Award00004311640199
Apprentice Enterprise Award000022471483
Apprentice Workplace Award0000358327145
Basic Enterprise Business Award0000112417
Basic Workplace Ministry Award000024361070
Intermediate Workplace Ministry Award00002223651
Intermediate Enterprise Business Award000007613
Intermediate Plus Workplace Ministry Award00001026339
Intermediate Plus Enterprise Business Award00000336
Advanced Workplace Ministry Award00000448
Advanced Enterprise Business Award00000224
Restorative Connection Award00000563389
Justice Christian Basics Award00000462167
Ministry Basic Award00000503181
Basic Provider Award0000016319
Business Award0000016319
Restored Life Award0000025833
Family Restoration Award0000026632
Biblical Studies Award00000422062
Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant0000004141
Deacon Minister Ordination0772152124185821291633
Officiant Minister0015113913917241642
Restored Life Minister0000010919
Small Group Minister000016361163
Minister of the Word00001416
House Church Minister000012341359
Church Planting Minister0014777742
Women's Minister000212431682
Associate Chaplain Minister0000928643
Associate Minister0000928946
Commissioned Minister07811993634813414
Chaplain Minister000027110
Continuing Ministry Certificate143307611642440389362568
Chaplaincy Certificate00003911010159
Christian Leaders Certificate35225406379339296411721
Commissioned Pastoral Certificate29152258264228217421190
Certificate of Ministry1010120718619419030918
Continuing Ministry Diploma000333830340414
Associate of Divinity Degree01320444816132
Associate in Christian Living Degree00000000
Associate of Chaplaincy Degree00000022
Married Life Diploma0000061319
Associate of Workplace Ministry Degree00000000
Associate of Ministry Degree00000011
Associate in Christian Enterprise Degree00000011
Diploma of Ministry261571049317720559
Commissioned Pastoral Diploma00000221436
Diploma of Divinity0183526110613316
Bachelor of Divinity Degree00262128663
Bachelor in Christian Living Degree00000000
Bachelor of Ministry Degree00000011
Bachelor of Workplace Ministry Degree00000000
Bachelor of Divinity Degree00031312331
Bachelor of Chaplaincy Degree00000000
Certificado de Conexiones de Líderes Cristianos0000180344132656
Certificado de Fundamentos de Líderes Cristianos000011124289442
Certificado Bíblico de Líderes Cristianos000014571990
Certificado de Líder de Estudio Bíblico0000031839
Certificado de Ministerio de Mujer0000020424
Certificado de Ministerio Continuo0000536142
Certificado de Formación de Líderes Cristianos0000015116
Diploma de Ministerio Continuo0000818127
Diploma de Formación de Líderes Cristianos000008311
Diploma del Ministerio00000617
Asociado de Divinidades00000000
Asociado en la Vida Cristiana00000000
Asociado de Ministerio00000000
Reconocimiento de Conexión Restaurativa00000639
Reconocimiento Basica de Justicia00000538
Reconocimiento de Vida Restaurada00000538
Fondations chrétiennes0003828435114
Introduction à la Bible000222632484
Certificat d'Études Bibliques00041620343
Certificat du leader de l'étude de la Bible0000919230
Certificat du Christian Leaders0000817328
Fondations théologiques et pastorales0000019423
Сертификат об окончании курса Основы Христианского Вероучения00000011
Сертификат об окончании курса Развитие Лидерства00000000
Сертификат Библейские Основы00000000
Completed Programs of Study1326513152228952161922413236786238123260

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