Deeper Bible Knowledge

Journey and Calling Experience

I am Ivelisse McBride from the United States of America. I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute for deeper Bible knowledge and to discern my true calling.

My Early Years

From the age of 9, my upbringing centered around the church. My father, a respected pastor in our community, guided my spiritual path. Further. as the pastor’s daughter, I loved our family’s commitment to embodying the ideals of a Christian household. Fond memories of my youth include our church community, youthful adventures, summer camp experiences, and active involvement in various services.

A Period of Struggle

As I transitioned into my teenage years, I grappled with rebellion. Eventually, I became pregnant at 18. Recognizing the wrongdoing, I sought forgiveness and attempted to return to the church. However, I felt a lack of acceptance and experienced shame despite seeking divine forgiveness. Despite my efforts, I distanced myself from the church again. The subsequent five years were marked by actions that separated me from God. I indulged in nightlife, alcohol, promiscuity, and the company of individuals who didn’t prioritize my well-being.

Discovering the Path Back

In 2010, I met my husband—a remarkable man who embraced my daughter as his own. Together, we built a loving family and welcomed a son. Slowly but surely, I embarked on a journey back to God. Gradually, I set aside the pain of the past and focused on integrating God into my life. My father remains deeply engaged in his ministry. Further, I often assist in translating his messages from Spanish to English.

My Vision: Deeper Bible Knowledge at CLI

Through the guidance of the Christian Leaders Institute, I want deeper Bible knowledge and to uncover my true ministry. Presently, a calling to write stirs within me. I started a blog where I share my odyssey and aspire to publish books. Whether this is my ultimate calling remains uncertain. However, what’s undeniable is my innate drive to write—an inclination I daily gound in God’s purpose. Eagerly, I anticipate the course this journey will chart. I hope it might inspire others to take strides toward their callings.

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