Online Ministry Education

Online Ministry Education

My name is Amber and I am receiving free online ministry education at CLI. I live in the United States. I grew up in and reside in the state of West Virginia. I love it here because of the beautiful mountains and friendly people here. I also love that there are so many churches in this small state. I think it would be great to get involved more in ministry here.

I first came to know Jesus when I attended Sunday morning church services with my late grandma Patty. She taught me the importance of knowing and loving Jesus from a young age. If she was still here, I would hug her and thank her for leading me down the road that helped me overcome so many obstacles in my life.

I am not sure that I have a ministry dream, but I am very interested in Christian counseling and would like to become fit for that calling. I am still seeking to make sure that is where God is leading me to be.

This course at Christian Leaders Institute in my online ministry education has already strengthened my outlook on a few things. It has caused me to focus more on who God wants me to be and where I can be used most for His divine purpose! It has caused me to research my options in considering an online degree and so far CLI is winning me over based on the fact that you can further your education for free. I have not found any other online colleges that offer that.

God is nudging me towards furthering my education in Christian/Bible studies and potentially even a Psychology degree to become a counselor (Chrisitan counseling/ marriage counseling) or maybe even in human services where I can connect with people more on a personal level and help lead people back to Christ. I have not completely decided on everything yet, but I know He has led me here for a reason and I believe He wants me to follow through with it. I am doing my best to do that while homeschooling my 7-year-old daughter. I believe Christian Leaders Institute is leading me to my true purpose and I am grateful for that! I am grateful my husband supports me to be a stay at home mom and figure out what I am most passionate about before pursuing something.

I have always tried my best to be an understanding person who cares a lot about how I make others feel about themselves. Sometimes, I may disagree with someone, but I always try my hardest to understand their perspective as well. I think that is important in Ministry and in life in general. I would like to take more classes with CLI in my online ministry education to understand more about my calling and where Jesus is leading me next!

In the past few years, I have grown in my faith. I started reading the Bible more and have felt the Holy Spirit moving me to action. I was worried about that because I am sort of a shy person, and that makes it harder for me to go up to someone and share my beliefs. But I felt He was nudging me in that direction, so I decided to start by sharing my beliefs with my family and others on the internet. I noticed that Facebook was a great way to do that, and after a while, I started my own faith-based page on Facebook to try and lead others back to the Lord.

Since I started reading the Bible on a daily basis, it has changed my life. I understand Jesus’ love for me, why He had to die on the cross for my sins, and how, by Him doing that out of love for me, I am set free by my belief in Him. I want nothing more than to show others they too can have that same amazing gift!

The fact that my grandma took me to church when I was younger helped plant the seed of faith in my heart. I fell away from the truth in my teenage years. It took me until I became a mother to help me see I needed to change things about myself. I stopped drinking and engaging in wrong activities. I wanted to be a good role model for my daughter and be a devoted wife. I found the way to do that was to understand God’s Word as the absolute truth. It is a blessing to watch my daughter growing in that truth with me as I share the Word with her.

My testimony could help others, especially young girls that are caught in a crossroad with wanting to fit in, partying and pleasing people more than pleasing and serving God. I want to help people see that we can be washed clean from our sins and start over new with Him. I hope that CLI will consider me for a scholarship so I can further my dream of being used where God is calling me to be!

I would ask that you pray for me to find my calling so I can help others to find theirs as well. Thank you, CLI for this amazing opportunity of continuing to go further in my online ministry education through a faith-based program. It really has been a blessing!

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