Hi, my name is Brittany Peyton, and I am from the United States. Doing ministry here can be quite interesting and challenging. It is difficult to reach many people because there are so many diverse beliefs here. Especially, where I am located. It is so small that almost everyone knows everybody, literally! I’ve known the Lord my whole life and dedicated my life to him at a young age, but like most teenagers here, life gets the best of us. I wasn’t a wild teen, but it was enough to pull me into the world and keep me out of church. About two years ago, I decided to rededicate my life to Christ, and I’ve been walking with him every since. My dream for ministry is to be able to reach the youth and connect with them on a level that they understand. I want to be able to lead them to Christ and show them that being a Christian doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and have a “life.” A consider myself to be a youth leader, and that is my current title in the church. I love being around children and nurturing their spirits. We can learn just as much from them as they learn from us and I enjoy being that bridge between childhood to adulthood. I’m not that old myself, so I am still able to hang in there with them! What made me want to pursue ministry would have to be children. Breaking things down to them in a way that they understand and giving them something to do that goes along with the lesson, just to see their faces light up; is priceless. That is what drew me to wanting to answer Gods’ call on my life. Being able to direct children in the path of Jesus Christ is my ministry goal. I haven’t experienced any challenges due to my geographic area. The only thing I could say about that would have to be that the area I live in is so small that most children already have a home church. My pastor is the one who appointed both my husband and I to doing youth ministry. She noticed from the start that I had a passion and soft spot for children. Obtaining a scholarship from CLI would make my walk in youth ministry easier. Easier as in, I would feel more qualified for my position, and it will be easier to connect with the Word being that I would have a deeper understanding. It would also help with my future goals to be a child psychologist. I want to have a



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