My name is Sergio E. Martinez. I live in Canada since 1988. I gre up in a Catholic family and I felt my whole life that the teachings were distilled to the convenience of the church and not focused on Jesus and God our father. My life was turned upside down when I saw myself living with 12 children since their mothers had left and my brother and I, along with our mother were raising them. I found myself in the leader seat and noticed that with the help of the word of God and the Bible, things were a little bit easier. I decided to learn more and apply more knowledge to my situation. The Lord helps me every day and I now have a dream to plant a church for those close to me and anyone else who wants to learn from The Bible through Jesus and me as his servant. The CLI scholarship put simply is a blessing in my life. I am a single father of 4 and I also help my brother with his 8 children day in and day out. Thanks CLI for existing and providing me with so much knowledge that I look to turn into wisdom in order to lead my family and others in my community in a small future church.

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