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Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD. From the house of the LORD we bless you.

Christians Seek Out Ministry Schooling Like CLI

Why receive your ministry schooling with Christian Leaders Institute? It’s free and all courses can be taken online.

How “free” works through our ministry schooling is provided by a donation system. If you can give, we greatly appreciate you funding our purpose to provide the ability for our ministry schooling to be free. Donations cover many costs to keep us up and running. It is considered to be of the same model used with church; however, at church it is called tithing. Any amount you donate is the amount you feel God placing on your heart. We have no minimum donation request. Whether you make a donation or not, you still receive 100% of our ministry training.

Here at CLI, we also have set up a system on a website where you can take all of your classes online. This takes out the issue of having to quit your current job and having to relocate many miles from home for seminary. All study materials are included with each class, again kept free for our students. Each lesson consists of watching videos and reading the study material to prepare yourself for a quiz. So even time given to complete each class depends really upon how much time you spend getting through our lessons. Each course is put together with the compassion of Godly men who received their ministry education through seminaries. So truly what you are receiving is of high quality value that is seen in seminary courses.

Ministry Schooling For The Ones God Never Gave Up On

I am Evelyn from Warwick, RI. Born in Guayama, Puerto Rico and raised all my life in the United States of America. I am a proud mother of two sons and now a newly grandmother to ‘Ava’. Let me tell you about how my walk with God changed not only my life, but how my darkness became a great awakening by the grace of the Lord’s candlelight. For years, I have been on and off in various religions that left me wanting to be left alone, but not so far away from the Lord. Yes, I confess that every sin I made always left me sleepless at night because deep down in the corner of my heart rendered in a brilliant extraordinary view. I felt the Lord speak to me. After so many years of heartache, confusion, and bitter sweet moments in my life, I decided to get on a plane and take with me my depression, a companion that did not allow me to see clearly my given right to righteousness and peace of mind. Arriving at the Island, I noticed how bright the sky was. How every person I came upon always had the Lord’s name vivid-filled with blessings. And I kept feeling this tug in my heart, but I could not fully understand what it was that I had to do in order to find my place in life and feel free from my sin. One morning, I went to the local bakery for fresh baked bread and as I took that loaf back up the most amazing mountain, I realized the wrapping of the bread had a verse from the bible. When I read the verse, it said as follows:

Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Stunned to see these words, I opened the door to the deck and looked up into the sky and there my dear friends, I knew that the Lord loves me just how I am. After all the times I hid in my ignorance for salvation God never gave up on me. This happened this year of 2014 and since then I have become a passionate born again Christian. As the months have gone by, I have not and will not cease to educate myself in the Lord’s Word. I have this ministry dream to support others along their walk with the Lord. I want to encourage others to learn about Jesus and know him to the fullest. I feel like a soldier of God and pray that as His servant, the days to come that I can keep others focused in the Lord’s name. Let us never fall away from His grace, my brothers and sisters. For we need each other to stay constant in His grace. What has prompt me into ministry more than anything is that I know that The End is to come. And with it, many Christians will be persecuted for loving the Lord. I must prepare with the Lord’s armor and shield to stand tall and help others along the way. May the Lord give me this strength and wisdom when the time comes.

To receive my ministry schooling through Christian Leaders Institute is very important for me. I pray to the Lord that it educates me to teach others to the very end of my last breath. For we really have no time to lose or to waste. We must learn all that we can before it is too late to even dare carry a bible on hand. We must memorize verses, we must be careful to place the Lord’s Word correctly upon others. We must build a strong heart and mind to carry out our purpose in the name of the Lord. Praise be to God! My dearest brothers and sisters please pray for me that I may have the will of John the Baptist who new his mission in life. He clearly understood that he had been set apart by God for a purpose. Pray for me that I may have the strong ever lasting faith of Job blameless and upright; he feared God and shunned evil. Pray for me that I am strong like King David. He was single mindlessly committed to God, and although he was guilty of some of the most serious sins recorded in the Old Testament, I know that in this world and today, I am not perfect but I am loved by the true King, the Lord Jesus Christ. Just to know this, my heart pounds and I cry of joy!! Amen.

Are You In Need Of A Ministry Schooling Like CLI?

If you would like to enroll with Christian Leaders Institute for your ministry schooling, click here! After our quick and easy application page, begin your studies immediately! And continue through your courses at your own pace! Also, check us out on Facebook to read more about our students and like our page!


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