Being A Minister In Today’s Church

Regardless of age, we can speak up for the Lord and speak out to others for God. Our Father does not see us by our physical age, but by our spiritual maturity. For the love of Jesus, we minister to others of His plan called Salvation. In today’s church, we must be leaders of love to encourage the congregation to be of agape. Let us love. Because it is here in God’s love where a sinner is convicted by His Spirit to turn away from sin. It is in God’s love where walls fall down like the walls of Jericho. But God needs His leaders of love to preach the Good News so one may know the truth of His abundant grace and mercy.

Let us all be found as leaders of love in the church, young or old, to bring home the lost and the broken. Here is the testimony from a CLI student who is finding himself at 18 years old desiring to minister. There’s nothing else he’d rather be doing with his life. There’s nowhere else he’d rather be.

Visions To Be A Minister For The Love Of Jesus

I am Richard Hill. I am 18 years old, and I love Jesus with all of my heart. I live in the United States of America. There are no real threats or danger involved in ministry here. Churches are, however, becoming seen as less and less important in society. The culture here is moving more and more towards either atheism or new exotic religions that are constantly popping up like weeds. A feeling of competition and a need to stand out are probably the biggest challenges I’ve seen in ministry here. I think my work will mostly fit that of a pastor. I want to help a lot of people in the community. A pastor is best suited to this task, as a pastor can preach to many people, yet still deal with one on one problems as well.

When I was five (or at least I’m pretty sure I was five) I accepted Christ at a Christian children’s gathering of some sort. It’s been a while since I was five so I don’t remember exactly. It wasn’t very spectacular, and there weren’t any life changing revelations. I just knew I believed in Jesus, and that was good enough.

I have two main ministry goals. I want to save souls and I want to fix the damage society has done to the church community in America. Back at the time of the first church, Christians were much closer to each other. They acted much more like family. Christians today usually claim to be this way, but most don’t act like it. Many will give to charity, yet curse someone who asks for help outright. I want to fix this, because it deters many from accepting Christ, and we would simply not survive like this if any major form of persecution came to this country.

I chose to be a minister because of a series of bizarre things that happened in my life. God, out of the blue, started giving me dreams about the future. I still have them regularly. God shows me things that will happen in dreams, and they come about in waking life as shown in the dream. It has been everything from trivial aspects of daily life, to the timing of the death of my Christian youth group teacher. God also began to allow me to see angels. They seldom talk or interact with me in anyway, but God sometimes allows me to see them going about their business. I figured that if God is showing me these things, he must have a calling for me. After praying for understanding, he showed me I needed to go into ministry, as I am preparing for now.

My local church has given me support through encouragement in my wanting to be a minister; as well as, giving me some opportunities to help out with things once in a while. I have had opportunities to help out some individual people with problems. One person had a porn addiction, and I was able to use the Bible to help him quit. Another person had a fascination with witchcraft and he found the Bible’s teachings repulsive. I was able to help him with those issues, and he’s been improving in countless other ways as well. My family has been very supportive of me. They all think that this is great. My dad has been very helpful especially by talking with the church to help me get the opportunities I mentioned.

I am grateful for CLI because I want training to be a minister. To put it bluntly, I don’t want to screw up things when I minister to people. I want the knowledge and understanding so that I can do a good job. I also have noticed that many people expect a certain level of education to take you seriously in ministry. The Bible never mentions degrees you need to have to minster to people, but being educated will make me appear more credible. I also can’t afford a traditional college education, so without this school, I have no other options. Pray for me in my ministry that I will have the financial resources to achieve my goals.

Do You Aspire To Become A Minister?

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