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Why We Believe In Providing A Free Online Bible School

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While some organizations in the past have tried to maintain western cultural control in the areas that they visit, Christian Leaders Institute wants to train leaders who are a native to their environment by providing an online bible school. We believe leaders who are native to the country where they serve God will be more effective than foreigners transplanted from other, often more wealthy, countries. This is why we seek to provide training in sound biblical doctrine and living a reproducible walk with God to people all over the world. We are determined that there will never be mandatory costs associated with this training. By the Lord’s will, we will remain a free online bible school where many leaders of His church receive their ministry training.

Here is the testimony of one CLI student receiving his ministry training with our free online bible school.

Online Bible School Can Be Useful No Matter Where You’re Located

My name is Johnny Ford and I am the pastor of a newly planted church in my hometown of Pawleys Island, SC. Pawleys Island is located on the east coast along the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by gated communities, pristine beaches, and world-class golf courses. It is just one hour north of Charleston, and less than 30 miles south of Myrtle Beach. However, once you get past the glamour shots, there is another side to the surrounding area that has become my ministry field. My ministry dream is to be a blessing to those who have been cast aside because of the mistakes they made in life. I have a passion to minister to our youth, helping them to develop a lifelong relationship with the Lord Jesus.

I heard God speaking to me as when Jesus said to Legion, “Go home to your friends, and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you” (Mk 5:19, RSV). It was almost 20 years ago the Lord called me and prepared me for the task I was given to do in my hometown. If it wasn’t challenging enough to share God’s grace to my friends, just try doing it fresh out of the penitentiary! It was on a Thursday, 7:00 p.m. in the evening, on June 19, 1991 when I first heard the gospel message that forever changed my life. I will never forget the look of the man who came into that jail cell with a ministry team wanting to tell us about this man named Jesus. The best thing I ever did in my life was getting off of my bunk to give that man something to do, so I thought. I thought somebody was playing a trick on me, because the man’s story was my story and when he asked me if I wanted to know Jesus, my transformation had just begun. The Lord had it all prepared for me as I learned the Bible from a truly anointed man of God. What I saw and learned behind bars later manifested itself in similar situations upon my release, but different faces. The time I spent in the Texas Department of Corrections (3½ years) was my island of Patmos moment. Because I did not grow up around the things of church, I did not get influenced by traditional things that sometimes holds church members from doing “real” church ministry beyond the walls of the church.

When I received my calling of being a pastor and was sent by the Lord to share His mercy and grace, I quickly discovered that God was using me to show how accepting Jesus in the jail house was no different than accepting him in church. It all was about having a Godly repentance. My past experiences, along with being an associate minister for 18 years in one church, has allowed me to minister with many churches of different denominations. A unique challenge in our area is not many members of the body of Christ realize our mission goes beyond the inside of our churches. However, I have become acquainted with the founder of an international ministry called 3DM that shares our philosophy on making disciples of Christ by following Jesus’ teachings. 3DM’s headquarters is now in Pawleys Island, and our church has a great relationship with the founder and members of his ministry/leadership team.

I am blessed to have a wonderful wife of 17 years (Lynne) and two sons (12 and 10) who are a true reflection of what it requires for me to pastor. Also, I have a son who just turned 30 and recently surrounded his life to the Lord! Having an online bible school like CLI is important to our ministry and to me because CLI reflects our beliefs that the Scripture is our guide. I thanked the Lord when I discovered Christian Leaders Institutes online bible school and how it offered training according to the way Jesus did with his disciples. I want to give back freely, with no charge, the message of the gospel and lead a church that exemplifies the love of Christ for his church. A prayer for our ministry would be for us to be used by God to spread the gospel to all who God has prepared for us.

Could You Use An Online Bible School Like CLI To Open Up Doors For You

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