Ministry Life Journey

Ministry Life Journey

My name is Teresa Blaes, and I am on a ministry life journey. I live in the USA. I did not grow up in a Christian home. In fact, while my mom for most of my early years did her best to raise me and do what was right, God was not in the picture. Add abuse, the murder of my sister when I was six years of age, and my being a witness. Then add my having many medical issues. I did not have an interest in God whatsoever. At this time my mindset was, you likely don’t care about me, so I don’t care about you, though I would have described this in a few more colorful terms.

When I was in high school, I met a beautiful lady who was my English teacher. At the time, I just thought she was one of those religious sorts who took her faith a little too seriously. Instead of admitting my rage and anger at God, I masked it by denying His existence. I demanded proof that He was real. The thing was that she and her family had an answer for every objection, and argument I posed. Over time, about a year and a half, I had encounters with something I can only describe as supernatural, what I now know was demonic. I believe that God let me see this, to show me that there is something beyond this realm and that I would have to choose a side.

It took a year and a half for me to bend the knee finally, but I eventually did after hearing a radio show, “Night Sounds with Bill Perce.” He said something to the effect that “I’m talking to
someone who has listened to this message before, what do you have to lose?” I turned off the radio, got on my knees, and did business with God. I don’t remember what the prayer was exactly, but I knew that when I finished praying something in me had changed. This was the beginning of my ministry life journey.

As far as my dream for ministry, I want to go wherever God wants. The form of ministry has changed for me. In the past, I ran a Christian radio station and was involved in youth ministry. Now, as of this writing, I run Unresolved Life Ministries and am the host of the Unresolved Life podcast. I would say that my dream is to see this ministry grow into all God has for it. I want to spread His message to any and all who will hear it on my ministry life journey.

Regarding this class at Christian Leaders Institute, there is a depth here, and I have learned a lot. The approach is different and it has given me a proper healthy respect for the various denominations. I also loved discovering the historical facts tucked in the different lectures and writings. This class has challenged me to sharpen my faith and the message God has given me. It has given me a thirst to learn more on my ministry life journey.

I believe I am an evangelist because I desire to see people, no matter who they are, rescued from the road to hell. I want to see broken lives made new in Christ. I believe God when He says that on that day everyone will bend the knee and confess Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. But not all are written in the Lamb’s book of life, this fact scares me and breaks my heart. We have a mission: to go to war for those who do not even know they are in a war and to rescue those who so desperately need it. The fact is that God rescued me, how can I not, by His Spirit and His power, offer life to others?

Unresolved Life Ministries came out of a time when I had fallen away. That old anger with God had cropped up and driven me away from Him after two events that happened at the same time, the loss of my mom and the loss of my sight in the same week. When I finally returned to the Lord, He gave me this ministry. It is to speak to those who are struggling in similar situations and asking the hard questions about God, life, and faith.

I have some wonderful accountability partners who have walked with me through my return to the Lord and the birth of this ministry. Our pastor, who after seeing the video promoting Unresolved Life Ministries has shown it publicly in our church. Regarding my family, my husband and I are all in, and we work together. I bounce thoughts off him often, and we regularly pray for each other.

I had no desire to go to a college. I even told anyone who would listen that you wouldn’t find me back in school. I was entirely comfortable building a business and doing my thing. However, at a conference, God gave me the word to sharpen my message. I believe that coming to Christian Leaders Institute will do just this. I could not pay for tuition out of my pocket so this opportunity is a Godsend. May God keep you and bless you today and always!

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