Ministry Leadership Education

Ministry Leadership Education

My name is Lanna Tiffany, and I am receiving free ministry leadership education at CLI. At the age of 12, I gave my life to the Lord. I grew up in the church, and throughout my life, I always knew who God is and what He wants for His children. I lived with my mother as a young child and was along for the ride due to her addiction. God had His hand of protection around me throughout that season of my life. I overcame many trials and tribulations.

Even after I became saved, I continued to go through storms. For a time, I entered a dark phase of my own life. I wanted to die and attempted suicide many times. However, the Lord knew that I have a purpose. I didn’t understand what was special about me for a long time and had an addiction for years.

During recovery from all of my issues, the Lord graced me with Life. I became a nurse and had a beautiful family. For many years, I was a strong woman. I became sick in 2013 and walked out on my family. I returned to something that God delivered me from many years prior. In the next couple of years, there were many storms, and the Lord never left my side. At the end of my relapse, I attempted to end my life one more time, and through God, I am here today to tell my story.

Faith-based Recovery

Once I entered a faith-based recovery program, I returned to the Lord. He was right where I left Him, standing right next to me! I received so many blessings from God. It was at this time that I received a calling from the Lord, “It’s all about love, Lanna.” I didn’t understand what God meant. I knew God loved me and what His love meant for me.

Recently, the Lord showed me the meaning behind His message. I went through a traumatic event with someone close to me that involved a very violent season in my life. God is saddened by the violence among His children. I have a compelling message to spread across the world to end violence and share the love that God has for ALL of us! It is the ministry God has given me.

Called to Ministry Leadership Education at CLI

Therefore, I am seeking ministry leadership education with the Christian Leaders Institute. The Lord has directed me here for further education and training, so I can effectively spread His message. I am so thankful for CLI and the courses they offer. Now is my beginning to a vision of the Lord’s calling. All Glory to God, His is the Victory!

Learn about online ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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