Formal Christian Leadership Training

Hi! I’m Melencio Lomod Jr., and I am receiving formal Christian leadership training at CLI. I am from The Philippines. My friends call me Lenz. I am a seafarer onboard tanker vessels as a Fourth Engineer. I am a follower of Jesus Christ since 2014, and by God’s grace, I am still a believer now.

My Testimony

My family was “religious” and went to church every Sunday. I was first introduced to faith in Christ when I was still in school during the worship services. I casually attended and even ventured to join the Music Ministry, where I play strings during worship services with a thought of performing to gain my way towards God.

In 2014, the turning point of my life came. I got suspended from school because of the violations I made. They expelled me from the scholarship that I had from a shipping company. I didn’t know what to do.

When out of school, a senior from school reached out to me. We met and visited a worship service. On one of my visits to that church, the Pastor led a prayer of repentance for sin. He called out for people who don’t know what to do or where to go. He called out for the lost and those who are tired of their situation and need rest. I prayed to surrender my life to Jesus Christ and have a personal relationship with Him. I prayed that prayer and have journeyed through ups and downs in my Christian walk.

Now I belong to a new family of Christ-followers. I am saved by grace through faith in Christ as my Lord and Savior. He paid the penalty of my sin and made His righteousness as my own. I am a new creation! That’s my story I share with people who ask me how I came to know Jesus Christ.

My Ministry

When at sea, our local church encourages me to spread the Good News of the Kingdom. From time to time, other believers on board, and I gather to read and study God’s word and pray for each other. When I am on land, I lead the music ministry in our local church. I create blogs and podcasts about my walk with God and my ministry journey.

The Need for Formal Christian Leadership Training

I need formal Christian leadership training. If I’m going to lead people to Christ, I want to do it in a way that God is shown as who He is. The formal Christian leadership training at Christian Leaders Institute will also help me properly lead people when I am on board the ship. I want to be better equipped to lead people to Christ.

I love to know more about God and to enjoy Him. It is my prayer that in everything I do, and in everything I am, God gets the glory!

Learn about ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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