Free Minister Education Opportunity

A Free Minister Education Opportunity at CLI

My name is Kirsten Blodgett Gill, and I am thankful for the free minister education Opportunity at CLI. I live in Canada. I didn’t grow up going to church but was invited by a friend in my teen years. Even before I went to church, I felt called into a life with God. When I went to church, God opened my eyes. I humbly accepted the salvation of Christ but still felt unworthy. I waited until I was an adult to receive baptism. Then I realized that being saved means I lead the life Christ wants me to and serve him.

God’s Call to Serve Him

For the next twenty years, I raised my children and taught them. As they grew older, I served the church in the women’s group and the community. Now, I am being called to take more of a leadership role in my church. Callings change over time as God requires us for different things. I think a lot of times, I hesitated to serve God because I felt I wasn’t good enough. Sometimes, I still think that way.

My most recent calling to serve in a more ministerial capacity came at a particularly difficult time in my life. I felt like I was not good enough for this critical role. Yet again, I was hoping to postpone it. However, the call from God still came. Recently, our minister received the call to another church, and I realized I could delay no longer. God wants me now. So, with the grace of God, I will follow where he leads.

I knew I needed a free minister education opportunity and found the Christian Leaders Institute. CLI is what I precisely need. Now I can prepare for my call to serve as a minister. Thank you, CLI, for this free minister education opportunity!

Interested in minister ordination? Check out the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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