I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ the Son of the living God. My name is Alfred Macala and I’m from South Africa in a town called Kroonstad, it’s a medium size community with very cool people who know and love God. I am married to Sibongile Sylvia Macala and feel blessed by God to have such a lovely wife.

I was brought up in the Methodist church by my parents. As I grew up I joined the Methodist Young Men’s Guild, and there I was taught to read the Bible and how to spread the word of God to the young people of the church. As time went by the desire to do this started burning in my heart and I wanted to do more, but  the laws of the church would not allow me to express myself whenever I wanted to and with those I felt wanted to know more about God, so eventually I left the church and never became a believer.

Then later I made the decision to join another church because I believed that it wasn’t good to live without the word of God, but as time went by I felt the same thing I felt previously, I wanted to tell people about Jesus the Son of the living God, but I was not allowed to do it. There you couldn’t say anything unless you were a preacher in the church, and to be a preacher you had to be ordained by the founder of the church. Though I thought that it was the gospel of God they were preaching, as time went by, I realized there was no God in their preaching.

Thanks to Jesus, I was introduced through my wife to a church that taught me how to be born again and  in 2011, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It was there I finally realized how to be a Christian, how to live according to God’s will, and how to utilize the Bible as your weapon, your guide in life, and to listen to the word of God. In this church I feel the power of the Holy Spirit within me and I feel like this is where I was supposed to have been from the beginning.

Now I feel the need for more training, so I went online seeking help, and that is where I came across CLI’s website. I  hope and trust that CLI will be able to help me so that I can pursue what the Lord Jesus wants me to do before His return. I believe that with CLI, I will be able to study no matter where I am living, and I also appreciate that their courses are very clear and understandable. I don’t know what all of us would do if we didn’t have CLI classes available to us online.

I send my gratitude to CLI.

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