My name is Theresa Dillard and I live in the United States. In the U.S. we can speak freely about the God that we worship. We are free to minister to those hurting and in need of the hope and love that only Jesus can provide.

I have known God for 20+ years now, but at the time never really knew what it meant to have a personal relationship with him. It has been just over the past 4 years that I have really known what it means to have that personal relationship with Christ. I have grown in my maturity as a child of God and really want to serve the Lord.

My ministry dream is to help those family members and friends who have people they know who are incarcerated in jails and prisons around the U.S. I feel that being an evangelist would fit me. I love to interact with people and not only talk about Jesus, but to bring hope to those who are hurting.

I can’t say that there has been any one particular event in my life that has prompted me to pursue my ministry dream. I believe that over the last 20 years God has been preparing me for this. I find that every time I get to talk to someone about my ministry dream I also hear that either they have a loved one incarcerated or know someone who is incarcerated. I have been discussing this with my pastor at church as well as other believers and everyone believes that this would be a good ministry for me to start.

A scholarship to CLI would be very helpful for me because I have knowledge in business and may other types of instruction that the world would like for people to have, but I want more instruction on what God wants for my life. Combining a good Bible based church and more instruction through the Bible will offer me a deeper look into what God wants for me and teach me how to be a better disciple for Him.

I would ask that you pray that while I am taking these classes the God shows me how to bring this ministry into the lives of those who really need to hear the good word of God and the love that only Jesus can provide for what they feel they are missing in their lives.

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