Men's Ministry Dream

Men’s Ministry Dream

Hello, my name is Aaron MacDonald, and I have a men’s ministry dream. I live in Tiny, Ontario, Canada. My wife Julie and I have lived here for just over four years after moving from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We have six great children and an awesome little grandson.

Throughout my life, I periodically went to many different churches for Sunday school. My family was not dedicated to Christ but were good people who planted some seeds. Into my adulthood, I was an agnostic, searching for answers to life’s questions. But, I never came across anyone that could lead me into the Light of Jesus.

Marriage, Salvation, and a Men’s Ministry Dream

Then after many of life’s challenges, I met my wife, Julie, a Christian filled with the Spirit since childhood. It was through her that I came to know the Lord. For the first time, someone showed me the love of God, the grace of God, and the miracles of God.

My prayer through all of this journey is to continue to walk closer to God. With this gift of faith that we have, my spiritual dream is to help young men who are lost, hurt, and need help finding the way. I am hoping through this free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute that I will push forward to my goal with confidence.

Christian Leaders Institute is an answer to a prayer. My wife and I are blessed in so many ways, but financially the extras are not there. With CLI’s help, I can work through my training while still maintaining my present job. My job has continually changing shifts, which make it hard, but CLI offers the flexibility I need for my schooling.

Thank you, CLI! God bless you and keep you all on your journeys!

Learn about ordination opportunities at the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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