Calling of Ministering

Calling of Ministering

My name is Qoenchatda Day, and I have a calling of ministering. I am from Racine, Wisconsin, in the United States of America. While growing up, random people would come up to me and ask what church I went to or tell their whole life story to me, hoping for a word. At this time, although I genuinely believed in the word of God, I also thought that most church-going people were frauds. So I was on the run with destiny chasing me down. I truly believed in God and knew that I should not play around with faith. However, I didn’t just want to blend in with rest for a title and lose my soul.

At this time, I didn’t understand that the church was for the sick as well as the whole. These people were right where they needed to be getting and asking for help and change. Understanding this made a lot of things more apparent for me, even my calling. I am a very talented singer. Yet, if I’m honest, I needed to peel back the layers so that I could offer up more of myself to God and his children. Doing that led me to my calling of ministering.

Free Ministry Training at CLI for My Calling of Ministering

To bridge the gap between knowing the word and putting the word to good use in today’s time for one’s self and others. This education at Christian Leaders Institute is an excellent opportunity for me to gain knowledge and skill. I want to be able to reach out to others and have a better understanding of God’s people. Getting free ministry training at CLI at a time when I have no reserves and live paycheck to paycheck is nothing short of a blessing. Thank you, CLI, for this opportunity!

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