Free Ministry Study Journey

Free Ministry Study Journey to CLI

My name is Servaas Steenkamp, and the following is my free ministry study journey. My story started when I was at the age of 15 years old. I was very rebellious and filled with a lot of anger and hate. A skateboarder always on the street, I didn’t care about school as I felt it wasted my time. I did not have a good relationship with my mother. So one particular day, I decided to kill my mother. I planned to stab her to death.

God had another plan for me. On this particular day, the youth pastor of a local house church, Shane, drove past my friends and me and invited us to church. For some reason, we agreed. We waited for Shane at our local park to come and pick us up for Youth Group. It started to rain, and we wondered if we should go home. Shane was late, and we were drenched. So, I asked Shane if we could go past my house for me to change clothes. So we did. I ran into the house and ran out. By the Power of the Holy Spirit, I did nothing to my mother.

Saved by God’s Grace

Then we arrived at the house where the service was. We didn’t know what to expect as we never entered a church, especially one that was inside a house. I remember it like it was yesterday, as soon as I stepped in the front door, overwhelming joy in the form of heat hit me. The usher at the door gave me the warmest welcome I had ever received. I was instantly affected.

Everything from the worship and the preaching of The Word impacted me. I was born again. My past suddenly dissipated, and I was a new creation. Things I did before, I no longer even thought of doing. Things that excited me before now made me disgusted. I was changed. I have not missed a service since.

Church Work on My Free Ministry Study Journey

I participated in the drama team and the production team. I even became involved in worship. As soon as I graduated in 2007, I went to work full-time for my church. I worked a year without pay, and subsequently after that received a little money in the years to follow. I learned how to play bass guitar, drums, piano, acoustic guitar, and lead. There isn’t an instrument on stage I can’t play. I also did sound engineering and knew how to do a full production setup from lights to stage rigging.

Soon after, we started a studio at the church producing albums. I was a chief recording and mastering engineer. The only thing I can’t do is sing. I did the training at our church to become an ordained minister but always wanted some real credentials. I would love to feel that I have achieved something and proof to show for it.

Life Experiences on My Free Ministry Study Journey 

Over the years, I started to be offended by stupid things. I always loved the Lord, but when it came to my pride, I was being eaten alive. In early 2014, I left working for my church. I married and started working in the world for money. Three children were born to my one wife (I’m thankful to say that) and me. I have been in different roles and companies over the years, where I made money and where I lost money.

However, God is in control, and He led me back to my original design. I have known since my new birth that God is calling me to shepherd His flock. God gave me the most significant revelation about His word two years ago, which resolidified my faith in Him. But not many accept the truth and so reject the Bible and its teaching. Once this mystery was revealed to me, it sorted out all my skepticism about the Bible. The Bible is the truth, and I want to share it with my brothers and sisters.

My Free Ministry Study Journey Led Me to Christian Leaders Institute

Now, I want to take my Bible studies further. The Christian Leaders Institute is an answered prayer from God. I don’t have money to study His word or even get ordained, but by the Grace of God, I have both at CLI. I am sorry that it took so long, even to the point of hitting rock bottom financially and emotionally, to realize what my real focus should be. Yet, now I am here at CLI to fulfill my calling and step into the role God has planned for me. God bless you guys who are reading these words.

Learn about ordination opportunities at the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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