Marriage Ministry

Marriage Ministry

My name is Steve W. Dames Jr and I have a call to marriage ministry. In fact, my wife Anita and I, under the direct leading of the Holy Spirit, co-founded Wed2Marriage International Online Couples Club in August 2016. We are the CEO of Wed2Marriage and we are passionate about helping all couples to make God the foundation of their lives, through His teaching and guidance.

I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Nassau, The Bahamas, the second oldest of six children. My mother and grandmother made sure I attended church as a child growing up. From a young age, I had daily devotions with my family each morning. Experiencing different types of situations and obstacles along life’s journey caused me to accept the Almighty God as my Lord and Savior when I was 16. I have always known that God would one day allow me to walk into the purpose He has ordained for my life.

In 2005, I attended college in The Bahamas, at the College Of The Bahamas (now University of The Bahamas) studying Law. However, I felt that the Spirit was leading me on another path. I then pursued aviation as I have a fond interest in aircraft. I also worked full time in a local Credit Union as a Finance Officer. Even while following this path I could sense God calling me in a different direction.

In 2013, my life started to change in a spiritual and profound way. Towards the end of that year, I met the woman, who would almost three years later, become my wife. The spiritual changes that took place involved walking in unity with this amazing woman, with God, and all before we were married.

This is when God began to place in our hearts a desire to seek Him together and make Him our foundation. Two months after we were married, God gave us the vision for an online club that would unite all couples under His original covenant, Through this club, God has used us to touch the lives of couples in Kingston Jamaica with the foundation message, July 2017, at the Club’s first Couples Seminar.

We plan to use our ministry training to inspire and motivate couples from all over the world to make God the head of their relationship (whether the couple is married or not yet married). We are Church Planters, and we are feeling at peace with what God is using us to do; planting Churches all over the world to impact the lives of couples. The vision that He has imprinted upon us is important for such a time in our generation.

Experiencing the challenges and hurt that couples are encountering caused us to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to start Ministry.

Our mission is to impact the world through the inspiration and teaching of God (to take back every couple for His own ) to unlock the greatest potential of a relationship, whether the couple is married or not yet married and to create a strong unity in their relationship through the message provided by Wed2Marriage International.

We want to be able to make an impact in couples lives around the world through our marriage ministry. We are people who want to see couples be successful in their relationships. We want to give and be a blessing to couples who are in need in so many different areas. Through our marriage ministry, we hope to give our support in the best way that we can; showing the love of Christ to couples who desperately seek Him.

Studying God’s word has brought drastic changes in our lives. Through His word, we have learned about Him, His character and how He truly operates. There is so much power in His word and it has revealed to us how to operate in this life here on earth. Abiding and living by the word has given us a spirit of boldness and confidence; knowing that God will always be there to lead and guide us on His path for His will and purpose.

Currently, the church that we attend has allowed us to participate in their outreach activities. This has opened up our eyes to the needs of various groups of people. It has also shown us where we can be of positive impact within the community. Our family may not fully understand the scope of God’s calling on our life but they still support us, encouraging us to continue to do what God is asking of us.

Having a first-class Christian Leaders Institute formal ministry training scholarship will aid us in the realization of this awesome vision God has given us. We know that having knowledge plus experience in our ministry will assist us along this journey. Please pray that God will continue to use us to impact this world, through the changing of every couple belonging to Him.

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