Ministry Training Dream

Ministry Training Dream

Greetings from Baltimore “Charm City”, Maryland! My name is Lesley Thompson. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies with a minor in Behavioral Studies from University of Maryland University College and I have a ministry training dream. I’m a single mother blessed with a son and two daughters, Kevin, Taylor, and Amira, respectively, each of whom is upstanding and God-fearing. They love the Lord. My initial introduction to Jesus was at the age of nine when my childhood family and I were living in the Philippines, my mother’s native country of origin, while my father, who was active duty in the United States Air Force, was stationed there. I was at home when I happened to come upon a tiny white book with shiny edges and some of the words in its content typed in red. It belonged to my mother. She told me that this book was called a Bible and she encouraged me to study, read and memorize from it The Lord’s Prayer. I was obedient, memorized it and made it a part of my daily devotion.

After my father retired from the United States Air Force in the early ‘70s we relocated to Baltimore, Maryland as our permanent state of residence. It was through my paternal grandmother that I was introduced to and entered an actual church building – Union Baptist Church. She took my brother, sister and me with her on Sundays to this place filled with elderly folk and the sound of hymn music I was not accustomed to hearing. She would sing and hum some of the hymns at home. The gospel songs that my grandmother sang resonated with me, following me during my early college years. This was at a time when I participated in a university gospel choir and enjoyed having “church” during each rehearsal and performance. It was through the opening and closing prayer and the praise and worship through song that the message of the songs eventually became very personal.

I visited different churches with family and friends. This allowed me to experience a diversity of cultures and denominations and their respective forms of fellowship and worship. What was common in all was, and still is, God. How amazing! I vividly recall one of the churches that I visited had a white female pastor who preached powerful messages. Her footprint also encouraged me to know that God supports women’s work in ministry. While a member of Celebration Church of Monroe Street in Baltimore, where Rev. Robert Washington is the pastor, I enjoyed serving in the Children’s Church ministry as an instructor.

The Lord eventually led me to my current church home, Salem Baptist Church in Baltimore, where Rev. Jimmie Robinson III is the pastor as well as my beloved friend of many years. Our church is a humble, small teaching church. It is huge in its love of God, the favor of God, and its service to the ministry and the community. I learned about Christian Leaders Institute while surfing the internet earlier this year as I follow my ministry training dream. I was excited to learn about the benefits of training under this program. It will help me:

• refresh and cultivate my ability and skills to lead in ministry, which will help me better serve my church and community;
• become better equipped to further advance God’s kingdom and His word;
• better and more fully understand the undertaking that my pastor has, so that I may be able to better support and encourage him along his spiritual walk with God;
• improve in all other areas of life and in ministry so that my walk with God is also refreshed, strengthened and encouraged. So that I may also be a blessing to others through God’s ministry.

Christian Leaders Institute has its own testimony. It serves as an effective means and affordable resource to support training for the ministry. It models Solomon’s advice to “train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it” (Proverbs 22:6). It demonstrates the same zeal in teaching that Moses had in leading his people. Finally, Christian Leaders Institute, at its own sacrifice and expense, through the efforts, dedication, and commitment of its founders, has made it possible to provide training at little to no cost to students. All of this in the desire to help equip others for God’s work. That is a testimony in and of itself! I am thankful that CLI will help me achieve my ministry training dream!

Learn about ordained minister study programs at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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