Kenyan Small Group Minister

Kenyan Small Group Minister

My name is Isaiah Githinji and I feel called to be a Kenyan small group minister. I am a Kenyan citizen and a born again and committed Christian. I am married and together we have a 2-year-old daughter. I grew up in a Christian family and came to know the Lord as a child. My dad was a clergyman supported by my mother. I came to know God early on in my life and later renewed my faith in Christ by getting baptized at Full Gospel Church of Kenya, Kitale. My faith had been tested and I had found myself slipping away and following after worldly pleasures. I made it back through God’s grace. I can say now that I am more mature in faith and more focused than before. The journey is not ended and there are challenges, temptations, trials, and disappointments along the way, but I am encouraged by the words in Hebrews 13:5, ‘’I will never leave you nor forsake you.’’

Kenya is largely a Christian nation with various Christian denominations at the center stage. There is freedom of worship for all religions and therefore Christians are able to freely evangelize and demonstrate their faith to non-Christians. With this comes the unique challenge of many Christians with not very strong roots and living unproductive lives. It’s the job of strong committed Christians to bring back the backslidden Christians to the fold and to strengthen and equip them for service.

I have served in music ministry as a church drummer and also in the choir as a tenor. I have served in Sunday school ministry as a volunteer and as a member of the youth ministry. My dream ministry is to serve as a Kenyan small group minister and to reach unreached people of the world. I believe the call to serve is something that was taught to me from my formative years. I believe it’s the Holy Spirit that drives one to desire to serve God and other factors come into play when one selects which ministry to serve in.

This class at Christian Leaders Institute has really helped me to appreciate the need to be active in ministry as a calling. It has helped me to re-examine my faith and the serving opportunities there are in ministry. It has set a foundation for a thorough study of scriptures and lifelong Christian learning. If I were to choose a ministry or role, I would like to serve as a Kenyan small group minister.

Our local church, Parklands Baptist Church in Nairobi, has very vibrant ministries and talent/calling identification processes to help people discover their ideal ministry based on a variety of factors such as calling, personality, skills, and experience. Doors to serve are open to any church member who feels led to serve in a particular area. In 2015-2016, I served as a volunteer Sunday school assistant before taking a break to take care of my wife and our newborn daughter.

One of the challenges in my geographic area is that there are a lot of people who need to be reached with the gospel and yet there are not enough workers who are willing or are adequately trained in ministry. “’The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.’’

This opportunity at Christian Leaders Insitute will help to train, equip, and empower me to be a servant in the kingdom of God. I am actively looking for opportunities to serve and reach out to others. I will also be able to create and seek opportunities to serve in small groups and also an unreached people ministry. That is where I feel I can plug in right away.

Please pray for me, that the call of God will continue to unfold even as I get equipped to serve him. Pray for my family, that we shall continue being strong in the Lord and as a couple that we build a strong foundation for our children and generations to come. Pray that the church of Jesus Christ in Kenya will wake up and take her rightful role of being the light to the nations. Pray that the community will embrace and love one another irrespective of faith, creed, language or culture.
Pray that the church will be a role model in our society and nation where many will be convicted and inspired to see people who are changed and productive and lead value-driven lives for Christ

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