Filipino Ministry Training

Filipino Ministry Training

My name is Jonalynne Cruzin from the Philippines. I am a wife and a mother of two sons and two daughters. I am receiving free Filipino Ministry Training at Christian Leaders Institute.

My father was an Overseas Filipino Worker in Saudi Arabia and became a Christian there. When he returned home, our family embraced his new faith as well, though we did not have a church to attend at first since my dad’s church was in Saudi Arabia. I thought I already was a Christian by the things my dad was teaching us about Jesus and the Bible.

It was in college when I felt a hunger in my heart about God. I realized I needed to have a church to belong to. God led me to Christ to the Philippines church in 2005. I am now serving as a worship leader and discipleship ministry head in that church with my husband.

My ministry dream is to share the gospel and to help other people to know Christ. In time, I also want to mentor other leaders that will also share the gospel.

As a mother, I became too busy with household chores and the kids. This getting started class at Christian Leaders Institute reminded me of managing my time and knowing my priorities. I am now determined to be faithful in my personal devotions and with God’s help I know I will be able to do it.

The Philippines is a Christian country as many people say but corruption and immorality in the country are very high. Most Filipinos say they know Christ but live as if there is no God. Many true Christians are needed to remind people what it really means to live in Christ.

I am usually based at home so CLI is the only way I can get ministry training while taking care of my kids. I thank God for the Christian Leaders Institute for helping me pursue my ministry dream while fulfilling my duties as a wife and a mother.

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