Veteran Ministry Dream

Veteran Ministry Dream

I am Ed Becher. I am a retired United States Marine who has seen the loss of way too many of my friends and colleagues to suicide. It is reported that twenty-two veterans commit suicide each day. Many of these veterans knew God at one time in their life, and my veteran ministry dream is to bring these veterans back to Christ.

I live in Michigan and am a Yankee/Mets fan. I was raised in Lindenhurst, New York. My father died when I was in second grade from kidney failure. My mom never remarried and raised me, my younger sister and brother by herself. While we did not have everything, we did have each other and that meant a lot to me growing up.

My veteran ministry dream is to help my fellow veterans find God again and stop the loss of our veteran community to suicide. Additionally, I would like to minister to our homeless veterans, which is one of the biggest groups of homeless people in the United States.

For many years as a young Marine, I considered leaving the Marines and looking at the ministry to become a Roman Catholic priest. Having been raised a Catholic I looked at the priests I met as mentors. During my career as a Marine, I met my first wife while assigned to the American Embassy in Santiago, Chile. While our marriage did not last, she did provide me with two great sons.

After my marriage ended, I met my current wife, who I call my Angel, as she is responsible for why I am here today. Her belief in the Lord and how he works brought me back to my calling.
I found Christians Leaders Institute and have found a way to get to where I feel I should be. I am finding a way to minister and get the Word of the Lord out to my fellow veterans who have lost their way.

Learn about local ecuministry ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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