Hayward's Ministry Calling

Hayward’s Ministry Calling Journey

My name is Hayward, and I want to share Hayward’s ministry calling. I live in Detroit, with my wife Theresa of 33 years. My calling began when I was eight years of age. My pastor told me that I would make a great preacher someday because I had a way of talking to people. Later as a young teenager, the Lord called to me and instructed me to follow him. But like most young boys, I choose a different path. It was typical for the youth in my neighborhood to go down the road of drugs and alcohol. Lots of my friends were dropouts in high school. At the age of sixteen, I found myself on the same roller coaster.

The lessons we learn early in life prepare us for the life we must live when we are adults. I had a prayerful mother. It was her prayers and God’s love for me, that kept me from becoming a victim of the streets. There were times when I could have been arrested, or worse, killed doing things I knew were wrong. But God had a purpose and plan for my life.

As I know with certainty, God’s plan is for me to draw near to Him, learn all I can about His Word the Bible, and become a fisher of men. This ministry work is my calling, and this is why I need to learn more about my calling through this ministry training program at Christian Leaders Institute. I was led here by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I am eager to see what the Lord has in store for me through these courses at CLI.

Learn about ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance.

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