Free Strong Christian Foundation Training - Jacquelyn's Story

Jacquelyn Vick has enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute to build a free strong Christian foundation to write her Christian novels more effectively. Here is Jacquelyn’s story…

Free Strong Christian Foundation Training – Jacquelyn Vick’s Story

My name is Jacquelyn Vick, and I am from the United States. While our first right is Freedom of Religion, our society attempts to constrict ministry more and more. Our persecution is nothing compared to what our brothers who sisters in Christ living in other nations experience, but it does exist. Our neighbors and fellow countrymen want us to stay quiet because they do not be to be offended. Matthew 11:6 “Blessed is he who does not take offense at Me.” I believe the devil is shaking in his boots because while there is an impression that he has control of my generation, he knows more men and women of valor are raising up every day. The day is coming when the United States will again be one nation under God.

I was raised in a Christian home, by a single mother who was a deacon and the Children’s pastor. My godparents are the lead elders of a church we started eleven years ago. In college, I walked away from the one, true God to pursue paganism. In July 2014, I returned to the Christian faith and am falling more and more in love with the Lover of my soul.

God blessed me with the talent of storytelling, and I write books. I have had visions of traveling on book tours, preaching in churches, presenting the themes of my Christian novels and what the Bible has to say about them. I want to take classes at CLI to have a firm foundation to write my books with, and be a preacher with a strong knowledge of Christ.

Being the goddaughter of the lead elders and the great-god-niece of another pair of elders, as well as the daughter of a deacon has placed me in a leadership role at my church. The else’s and deacons are excited, and supportive of may venture into the ministry.A number have said they see me walking into my potential.

I have done research in attending Bible College or Seminary. Financially, neither of those are options for me. Thankfully, God placed a ministry such as Christian Leaders Institute on the heart of the professors and provost who created and ran this amazing school. A scholarship to CLI means that I can get the training my heart craves. Thanks be to God!


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