Learn The Word of God - Emmanuel Farinu's Story

Emmanuel utilizes Christian Leaders Institute’s free online courses to Learn the Word of God, and increase his understanding and abilities in ministry. Here is his story…

Learn The Word of God – Emmanuel Farinu’s Story

My name is Emmanuel Olusegun Farinu. I was born on the 16th March, 1959 in Ibadan, Oyo State, South Western part of Nigeria. My parents came from a Muslim family. Both of them (father and mother went to Mecca in 1981. They were very strong in Islamic Religion.
After my primary school education, I gained admission to Christ Apostolic Church Grammar Schoo in Ibadan in 1973, for my secondary education, where I was introduced to Join Scripture Union (an interdenominational Group) by a Christian Brother, Where I met Jesus Christ, gave my life to him and became born Christian again.
During this time, when my parents heard that I became a Christian, I faced a lot of persecution. I was hated, tortured, school fees not paid, money was not given to me but thank God with the help of Christian brothers, I was able to sail through my secondary school. I was baptised on the 16th July, 1978.
I thank God that since I became a Christian, I have never been disappointed. God has been faithful to me. He has kept me in faith up to this time.I am happily married to Elizabeth Adejoke Farina and blessed with four Children.
I am presently attending Christ Apostolic Church; I am a Pastor, Sunday School teacher, A chorister and Prayer Group Leader in the church.
In 1997, I was transferred from Lagos to Abuja, one night, I was seriously sick, I could not raise my bands and legs, after praying to God, God answered and spoke to me that I should come out that night and preached the gospel. Immediately I yielded to the call, preached the gospel that night, the sickness disappeared.
The second day I narrated what happened to one of the bishops at Breakthrough Family Church in Abuja. We prayed together that day and anointed me with oil and ordained me as pastor.
My mission is to preach the gospel to those that have not heard the word and to encourage those that know God, to continue in the faith.
My prayer is that God should continue to use me for his work and also draw me closer to him everyday.
The reason I took the curse with Christian Leaders Institute is to be deeper in the word of God. I have been looking for a place to get more knowledge and understanding on the word of God, thank God I browse through the internet and I saw the website of Christian Leaders Institute.
Getting scholarship with Christian Leaders Institute will help me acquire more knowledge and understanding the word of God.. May God continue to bless the children of God working with the Institute.
Thanks and God bless you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


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