Free Ministry Leader Training - Christina Mayhew's Story

Christina Mayhew yearned to be a leader in her Church and enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute to receive free Ministry Leader Training to achieve her goals and dreams. Here is her story…


Free Ministry Leader Training – Christina Mayhew’s Story


Hi! I am Christina Mayhew .I live in the United states. I am from the small town of Leland, located on the outskirts of Wilmington, NC. I am the proud wife of an amazing husband, James, and the mother of 3 beautiful children; William, Alyssa, and Erica. My husband is a foreman at a local construction company and I own a small residential cleaning business. I am dedicated to God, my family, and helping others.

My walk with God started at a young age, although I have strayed at times throughout the years. When I was a child, my grandmother would come and pick up my brother and I for the summer. Every year, it never failed, my grandma was there to get us. We would spend the whole summer going to vacation bible school, fishing, and just visiting. She taught me many things over the years, but the most amazing and wonderful thing she ever taught me was about the love of God and my savior Jesus Christ. She taught me how to pray, how to love, have compassion, and the everlasting love that God has for everyone.

As a child I loved going to church, learning about Jesus, memorizing verses, and meeting great people. Although, my parents did not go to church or lead christian lifestyles, my grandma’s words remained in my heart and soul. I prayed all the time, gave thanks to God, asked for his guidance, and continued to trust in him. My grandma’s kindness rubbed off on me as well. At the age of 10, my grandma passed away, I felt like my whole world was taken away.

As a teenager and young adult, I struggled with my faith. I rebelled and strayed from my spiritual journey. I loved to party, have some drinks, sneak out with my friends, and other things of this world. I found out I was pregnant and had my first child when I was only 20 years old. That little life inside of me, reminded me of the love that God had for me and that miracles can come unexpectedly. I felt an overwhelming draw to get back to church and to rededicate my life to God, our creator. I went to many different churches, and just could not find what I was searching for. I finally found a church that I felt compelled to stay at in 2014. I began reading my Bible more and more, and fell in love with the word of God. I am still not as secure in my knowledge of the word as I need to be, but reading the word and fellowship with others in faith has helped me tremendously.

I have a strong yearning to learn the word of God thoroughly, and I feel like God has led me to CLI. The women’s group at my church needs more leaders and I would love to become one. The problem is I don’t feel confident in my level of knowledge, to become a leader. “if anyone causes one of these little ones- those who believe in me- to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone, hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” (Mathew 18:6, NIV). I don’t want to unintentionally lead others, and therefore, CLI can assist me in gaining the knowledge I need, to confidently, spread the word of God. I want to share The word of God and instill it in the hearts of others, in a way that my grandma did for me.

I had a strong pulling on my heart to seek a Bible college that focuses on the word and the truth! I think I have found that at CLI and I look forward to my studies. I would not be able to afford this education otherwise, and I am very thankful and excited for this opportunity. May God bless you all.


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