Save Lives Through Free Ministry Training - Ashley's Story

Ashley Proctor enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute to learn and understand God’s Word and save lives through free Ministry Training. Here is her story…

Save Lives Through Free Ministry Training – Ashley’s Story

Hello My name is Ashley Proctor and I’m from a small town in South Carolina in the country of The United States. I have always had God in my life and I went to church on and off. About a year and half ago I lost my Grandmother to murder and I didn’t know where to go or who to turn to. But as I look back on that I would have known quickly if I would have been closer to God. I didn’t turn to any bad addictions but I lost my true self. I’ve always been a fun, outgoing, and kind person but when I lost my Grandmother I wasn’t that anymore. People started seeing that and I finally went back to church after 2 months after the incident with my Grandmother. I started praying more and turning to God for everything. I started to realize things were getting better but I still felt lost. One day one of the ladies at church asked me to be apart of the Youth Sunday and she asked me if I would like to preach a short sermon or just do children times. I told her I would get back to her and when I did she thought I was going to choose children times. I prayed and prayed and I believe God told me to do a sermon. After that sermon I knew ministry was for me. When I was speaking out to the congregation I felt something go all over me and I started speaking from my heart . I knew God came through me and gave me the words to spread to everyone. I’m truly blessed.
I would love to be able to pastor a church one day and to be a ministry leader. I would also love to counsel people with spiritual and personal issues . I believe I can do both because I am a true witness to God’s love and that anything is possible through Him. I would use Pastor or youth leader the most to identify myself because I feel like I can minister to both older and younger people. I just want to lead people to Jesus Christ and to do God’s work .
The key experience that lead me to do ministry is the horrific incident with my Grandmother being murdered, and that lead me to want to help others get closer to God. A lot of younger people ask me to pray for them, with them, and they also ask me questions about being saved. I believe they look up to me and want me to lead them more to God. That’s why I am so interested in ministry because I get so excited helping others climb the mountain to get to Jesus’s feet.
Where I live, I believe we have a lot of crime and drugs. A lot of people are turning to bad situations instead of God. I’m trying my best to be a great influence for God first and myself. I want them to see the importance in taking that walk with God. My church has always supported me in everything I have done and especially now since my calling of ministry has risen. My church family gives advice, and they support me well. My Pastor has been guiding me in the right direction and giving me the support and opportunities to help me be readier for my ministry experience shortly.
My family has always been so close, and they have been amazing on supporting me on my ministry journey. I have been writing books and poetry about our one and only true God. I am publishing a Christian book here soon, and God has blessed me with the knowledge and ability to write about Him.
If I received this scholarship, it would be a true blessing for me and everyone else because I am here for God and to spread His word. I am His servant and I will obey to His word. Pray for me to help save lives and to help me grow stronger in faith in God’s way so I can be the best I can be for God and His children.


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