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Free Ministry Schooling at CLI

Hi. My name is Lara Mayberry, and I am receiving free ministry schooling at CLI. Currently, I live in Englewood, Florida. I moved to Florida at the age of 13 with my mother to be near my grandparents that had a home here.

I was born on November 1, 1980, at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. Then, I lived all around the Nashville area until 1994, when I moved to Florida at age 13. I have always in some way been involved in music, whether it be singing in my school’s select choir or symphonic band. Also, I like to draw, paint, read, and do digital paintings. I am also great at technology like fixing phones and computers and a great teacher at helping others learn how to use their devices.

I came to find Christian Leaders Institute through a Holy Spirit led search looking for online schooling. There are few opportunities to go to school for the ministry here. I immediately signed up and got started! Free ministry training is something I’ve been praying about for at least a year. I am so thankful that Christian Leaders Institute is all online.

My Early Years

As a child, I went to church with my family off and on. I went to Vacation Bible School every year. I grew up in a Southern Baptist church environment. At age 11, I felt the Lord’s call to me to become a Christian. After service one Sunday, I asked to speak to my pastor. I wanted to repent and sincerely ask Jesus into my heart. He led me through the Sinner’s Prayer, and I cried, genuinely excited to be one of the Lord’s own. My dear grandmother bought me my first Bible, and I couldn’t put it down.

Fast forward to after I moved to Englewood, Florida. I got involved with the marching and concert band. I had always played the clarinet and bass clarinet. One day, my middle school music teacher told us in class that we would be practicing Christmas carols and going over to a local church to play them. I felt led back to the Lord and joined the church. I then joined the choir. So next year, when we were asked to return there, I did both singing and playing my clarinet. I stayed there a while.

Again, I wandered from the church, but God always called me back. I still served in the choir over several years. I am always deeply involved with music.

My Church Home and My Spiritual Dream

Finally, I felt led, after a couple of years of daily Bible study alone, to find a church home again. One night, a close friend invited me to church to see an old friend speak as a guest. It was then I decided to join this church. I now serve in any way possible. I am on the worship team, a greeter, a volunteer during our Vacation Bible School every year, and help with a mission of meals ministry we have going.

My spiritual dream is to see as many people as possible brought to the Lord. So when He appears again on that Glorious Day, we can all be with Him. We will worship Him in all His Glory forever and live in a new world without pain or death or sorrow.

Obstacles Faced and Free Ministry Schooling

Obstacles I faced: Staying plugged in at a church, whether it was due to my feelings and past hurts or committing myself fully to something, was a struggle. If I were to do it over again, I would have fought harder to get to a church when I was unable to due to not having transportation. My parents divorced shortly after I was saved. Thankfully my grandparents were firm churchgoers, which allowed me to get there when I was young.

I have ALWAYS needed Jesus in my life. I was often alone and protected by Him from a very young age. My mother worked long hours, and I stayed home alone often until late at night. God and His divine protection kept me safe.

Free ministry schooling was the most important aspect when I chose to enroll at Christian Leaders Institute. I am a single mother of a wonderful almost teenage daughter (2019), and I am a stay at home mom, which is what we both need. Currently, I live with my mother, but one day, I hope to use the degree I get to have a paying job in ministry to provide for us both.

Learn about ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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