Free Ministry Education Dream

Free Ministry Education Dream

My name is Rebecca Lynn Swindle, and I have a free ministry education dream. I live in Mobile, Alabama, USA. It is on my heart to share my testimony that brought me to Christ and why I have chosen to go into Ministry. Growing up was rough for me; I am from Florida and a former Foster Care child. I always knew of my adoption. There was a strain between my adopted family and me, and we never saw eye to eye. I never felt loved or welcomed into the family. Their oldest son molested me from age five to age 14. Therefore, I ran away from their home at age 14 feeling that I could do a much better job of protecting myself if I didn’t live there.

Before I left my adoptive home, I walked to a bridge to end my life. Because my adopted family couldn’t love me or protect me when it mattered, I was broken and lost. I remember having both feet over, and all I had left to do was let go with my hands. But then, a voice came over and said, “What makes their lives worth so much more than yours? You are loved and not alone.” So, trusting in God and not in my pain, I climbed back over the side of that bridge and chose life and faith instead. At that moment I knew God indeed had a purpose for my life. The state of Florida eventually found out I was not living with the family. They placed me in protective custody until I turned 18. But I never lost sight of God’s plan for my life since then.

God’s Plan for Me

Through all of this heartache, pain, and loneliness, God never left me. He gave me the strength to go from that home, so, terrified and broken, I took that leap of faith. God brought me to a young man, and unbeknownst to me at the time, this young man would become my husband. God provided me with a safe and loving home, with this amazing husband and father of my children.

I chose the ministry and looked for free ministry training online. Christian Leaders Institute with their free ministry training is a blessing in my free ministry education dream. Through the ministry training classes, I hope to deepen my walk with God and to stay grounded in my faith and commitment to him. I hope someday to help others who have gone through the same pain as I have to find their way to God. I want God to use me to help others find their purpose in Him again. Your greatest ministry comes from your greatest pain, and I have gratitude that He saved my life.


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