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Lose Nothing, Gain More With Free Internet Pastoral Training

With free internet pastoral training, students can gain a better knowledge of the Bible. Many students discover their direct calling and understand what all is involved in their calling from God. Christian Leaders Institute’s free internet pastoral training classes are of such high quality, it will feel as if you went to a seminary college and paid top dollar for your pastoral training. CLI is on a mission to build up future revival leaders! If this means free, then free it shall be! Free so every man and woman called by God has a direct opportunity to be well rounded for the mission given to them.

Join us at CLI today for your nothing to lose opportunity in gaining biblical knowledge, wisdom, and understanding…others just like CLI student, Ashia Wimberly.

Free Internet Pastoral Training- “Stop Running”

Hello my name is Ashia Wimberly. I’m originally from North Carolina, but now reside in Georgia. Recently, I married my wonderful supportive husband Albert Wimberly Jr. I have three amazing children. My daughter attends college for Criminal Justice. My oldest son is in the Marines and my youngest is in high school with the desires of going into the Air force. I received Christ at an early age and was baptized at the age of 14. I remember when I was about 10 or 12 years old, I would pretend I was a preacher. I would play church with my dolls and bears. They were my members and I would preach to them. Once I became older, I had this feeling I was supposed to be preaching, but I was so confused. I had so many questions, but no answers. I was never that good with expressing myself. My questions started to invade my every thought that I went on a mission to seek the answers that I needed. One question I wanted to ask was, “Why so many churches with so many denominations, when we only have one God we serve.” Nobody could answer that question for me.

I started having dreams that left me seeking more. I was raised in a Baptist church, but I never really felt like I belonged. I felt like something was missing. I never understood the things the preacher was saying. I was so lost between the yelling, the hums and the many jumps throughout the bible. It left me feeling even more confused. Things never related to the sermon he was preaching about. Even during a funeral, I felt so uneasy because they always say the person was in heaven. I always wanted to stand up and say “No they’re not, because they haven’t been judged by God and who are we to say where they are or where they will end up at.” I truly believe their body is at rest for now. You must preach to the people and teach them the Word of GOD then they will know how to live now while they’re still alive.

My confusion only made me seek for my own understanding and at the age of 17, I realized my calling. The more it came to me, the more afraid I became. I was afraid that I would disappoint God. I didn’t want to be responsible for the people, so I kept running. I got in so many failed marriages. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and pernicious anemia. (Pernicious anemia is a vitamin B12 deficiency that can cause death without treatment.) At first, I started to breakdown and wonder why was this happening to me . Then I came to accept it and realized if I hadn’t gone through anything how can I relate with others who may be going through or dealing with something similar. Later, I lost my oldest and youngest brother and also my first cousin, which I was so close to. Their deaths wasn’t even 2 whole years apart from each other. I was so hurt and angry, but not at God, but for them leaving me. Through all of this I kept running still yet afraid.

One Sunday, my pastor asked me a question in front of the congregation. “Why are you running?” He then said “Stop running!” But he was not the only one. Random people came to me in other places that I didn’t know and said “Stop running!” My heart slowly became heavy and I was tired of running. At the age of 37, I made the decision to stop running and acknowledge my calling. I just need some sense of direction. I didn’t want to go wrong or say the wrong things. I wanted to know what I’m talking about. While sitting on my sofa in the dark, a voice came to me, or maybe it was my own deep thoughts that told me to find a place that I can come into my calling and be taught the right way.

I’m so happy to embark on this next chapter in my life. I want to say thank you to Christian Leaders Institute for helping me on my journey with free internet pastoral training classes. As well as helping me understand my calling. After my free internet pastoral training, I want to invest in a small building where I can teach people the Word of God. I will feel comfortable in the words I’m saying to them and I know that it’s right. I want to be able to build relationships that people can count on, and bring the Word of God not only to my community but other communities as well. I am grateful to Christian Leaders Institute for guiding and teaching me the way by providing a free internet pastoral training course and also I’m asking for prayer in my strength to deliver the Word.

CLI’s Free Internet Pastoral Training Opportunity

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