Free College English Course OnlineFree College English Course Online

Free College English Course Online is now available in the Divinity Degree program at Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). This Free College English Course Online is the first core course that CLI has developed. We are developing these high quality core classes for the Divinity Degree program so that ministry students do not have to pay for these core classes at a university. We are hoping to have these courses completed by the end of next year. You can start your degree study now and take these core classes as they come available.

Classes offered by us in the entire program are free.

You do not need a high school diploma to be admitted to this college program. You must complete the Getting Started Class that tests your academic readiness for advanced ministry training. This Free College English Course Online might be one of the first classes you take after the Getting Started Class. Excellent language skills are very important in ministry. The Free College English Course Online will help you if you are learning English as a second language or if you want to pursue more advanced training at a masters level study at an accredited seminary.

You might not need to spend the time taking this Free College English Course Online at this time.  If you already have a college degree you can transfer your core classes and just march through your divinity classes.

Official Degree Options

Most in ministry settings do not need an official degree or certificate to do ministry. If you need an official degree, there are administration fees for verification and credibility. The fees are different in different parts of the world. These fees are supported by the Global Mission Fund in places that are impoverished. For instance, in tier one nations, like Nigeria, you can get an official western Divinity Degree for under $250 US dollars. That same degree in the USA would cost almost $2,000. But in the USA, $2,000 dollars for an official Divinity Degree is 1/10th of the tuition charged for only one year of college study.

Our passion is that you get an opportunity to get the education and training you need for ministry.

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