My name is Katie Andrews, and I live in the United States. I have five beautiful children and am married to my best friend. I live in a small town in Southeast Missouri, which is in an area called the Bible Belt. There are churches on almost every block. Being a Christian in this area is pretty much the norm, but I grew up a bit differently. I grew up without having God in my life because my father was an atheist and church wasn’t something we took part in. The only time I ever remember going to church as a child was when my parents wanted a babysitter. When my parents divorced years later, my father turned to God. He tried several churches at the time and eventually found what he as looking for in a Jehovah’s Witness Church. I went with my dad quite often and really enjoyed the Bible studies, but being a teenager that didn’t last long, I had to learn everything the hard way.

I married young and had two wonderful boys, but the marriage broke up due to my husband’s drug addiction. Before I knew it, I was in yet another relationship and pregnant. I didn’t even really know the man and yet I married him. It was a bad marriage. We had three children together, a boy and two girls, before the marriage ended. A couple of relationships and five years later, I met my current husband. It was through him that my eyes were really opened to the Lord. His family is full of preachers. He got me going to church, and the more I listened, the more I wanted to know. This time I started marriage on the right foot by being married in the church and saying my vows before the Lord.

Recently I have been asked to help start a youth ministry with my husband. I’m thrilled and honored that they would think of me for such an important task. I would love to reach my goal of becoming the best Christian I can be and also, to be able to help others who are struggling, to see that all we need is to look to the Lord. I’ve never been involved in something like this before, but my husband has told me that this is my calling and that it was God who chose me.

One of the main reasons I am pursuing this ministry is because I want my children to grow up in a home that loves the Lord. I don’t want them to go through all the hardships that I did. I was searching for love and finally found it in Jesus. Now I know that no one could ever love me more than the Lord and that He had something better for me all along. No one has to accept the life they are presently living, Jesus died on the cross so that we can all be healed and made whole.

My local church has welcomed me and my calling with open arms. They are starting a new youth program and in time, they are hoping to build a second building for the youth ministry. It is such an exciting time for our church. We have such a wonderful church family. My family is also very supportive of my ministry dream.

Having a scholarship to Christian Leaders Institute would help me to further my Christian education, help me to reach my ministry goals, and help bring me closer to God. I would really appreciate prayer for me and my new adventure of working with the youth ministry.

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